Green Toys: 100% Recycled Toys

Green Toys are a US brand where they recycle abandoned milk jugs into toys. To date they have recycled 54,609,858* jugs!

Their values
At its core, Green Toys Inc. has always been an eco-friendly toy company. Their motto is that “every day is Earth Day.” They have a strong commitment to sustainability and playfulness and aim to inspire others to share in this passion.

Using 100% recycled materials and keeping their manufacturing based in the US, they raise awareness about sustainability  while delivering unquestionably safe products. They believe that the best way to encourage environmental change is through goods people buy and use every day—and in their case that’s children’s products.

They care about your kids – how they play, what they play with, and what the future holds. They are constantly exploring and innovating to deliver the best products possible for a playful planet for all.

Their Toys
Summer is the perfect time to introduce your children to Green Toys. Perfect water and sand toys; durable and long-lasting to the elements they make fantastic outdoor and even beach toys! There are gardening tools and sand tools as well as their classic vehicles.

They also make fantastic bath toys. Embark on a cruise across the bathtub, navigate the wading pool; even splash around in the occasional mud puddle. There is no end to the Good Green Fun young sailors can have with the Green Toys Tugboat. This colourful craft featuring a red handle floats great and has a wide spout so it can be used to scoop and pour water!

Their building blocks are huge, amazing value and perfect for little hands. The Green Toys Block Set puts an eco spin on a classic toy. Made in the USA from food-safe, 100% recycled plastic, the lightweight blocks are perfectly sized for little hands to grasp, while older toddlers can practice fine motor skills, stacking, colour matching, and more! The Block Set is safe, with no sharp edges or small parts. This super-safe toy contains no BPA, phthalates, PVC or external coatings, eliminating the fear of toxins and lead paint, and also meets FDA standards for food contact, making the pieces safe for teething babies to put in their mouths.

And their range extends into role-playing toys, as well as practical toys and games, puzzles and even books!

Oh and another great point, all their toys are dishwasher safe!

But how are they made?
Green Toys demonstrate that recycling can result in something tangible and meaningful – old can become new. Thesetoys are living proof that milk jugs, just like the ones in your refrigerator and recycling bin, can ultimately end up back in your playroom. This helps close the loop for kids because they can see their own environmental efforts in action.

While recycled milk jugs are the primary ingredient in their toys, we sometimes integrate other types of recycled plastic (think yogurt cups!) when needed to ensure we’re creating the best products possible. All the plastic is collected by waste management, cleaned, shredded into flakes, reprocessed into our raw material, and mixed with food-safe, mineral-based coloring. Voilà, its playtime!

The milk jugs used are 100% post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Some products have components made from recycled polypropylene (PP) or recycled low-density polyethylene (LDPE). By using recycled plastic, they divert material from landfills, save energy, and reduce our carbon footprint.



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