Reuseable Wipes: Get the Lowdown


It’s time to stop flushing wipes to let our rivers run

The images of fatbergs in sewers and beaches and river beds strewn with flushed wet wipes are everywhere. How do they make you feel? Guilty? Annoyed? Frustrated? And how did it get that bad?

The thing is wet wipes are handy things! So useful, so easy!  Most people seem to have a pack in each room of the house and one in the car and use them for cleaning up all kinds of spills, for dusting, wiping surfaces, freshening up hands and faces. You name it a wet wipe will clean it. But it’s because they are so easy to use the amount that most families get through is astounding. It’s understandable that thinking of not having them around is very daunting. An alternative MUST be as easy and as effective.

Fortunately reuseable cloth wipes ARE. Ask anyone who uses them, one cloth wipe does the job of 3 disposable ones.  It’s the practical use of them that can be hard to get your head around so I’m going to break it down for you.

For use at home there are two popular methods. The first is to have a small pile of cloth wipes already damp and ready to use. Running them under a tap for a second, a quick squeeze and storing them in a wet bag or container takes seconds. I would say if you are changing many nappies a day and have lots of sticky hands and faces to wipe this method is going to be easiest for you.

The second method and probably more popular with parents of toddlers and older children is to ‘wet as you go’. Store your clean wipes dry and then grab one or two to use, wet them and off you go.

For either method used wipes can be put into a wet bag ready to be washed, just as you would with nappies.

It’s a popular idea to have different sets for bottoms and hands and faces, colour coding helps.

You will notice that if you are already using cloth nappies that not only does using reuseable wipes mean that you aren’t throwing those away it also means you don’t have to buy and throw away disposable nappy sacks that you would be putting your wipes in to put in the bin.

So, you’ve got that sussed but *deep breath* What about using them out and about??? It’s OK, you can exhale, I have news:


You know the wet bag or container I mentioned earlier? Just take that with you. As you are putting your nappies, spare clothes, snacks and kitchen sink into your changing bag, just put that in as you would a packet of disposable wipes. If you have pre wet them you are good to go, if not you might like to use a small spray bottle. When you have used one just put it into another wet bag, probably the same one you will be putting your used nappies into.

You are sensing a theme here right? Wet bags! A few small ones, a medium or large one for dirties out and about and an extra large one for home makes the whole system work.

So there you have it, ditch the throw away wipes, you won’t regret it.

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