Five Facts about Chinese New Year

We present Chinese New Year Facts for you to get in the mood this Spring Festival. New Year is to Chinese what Christmas is to Westerners. It is the biggest festival of the year! Last year we were fortunate enough to be back (home) in China for New Years, but this year we will be here to share it with you. To get in the mood, here are five facts you can share with your children!

1 – Orange Trees and Flowers

Chinese New Year Fruits and Flowers

During Chinese New Year, outside homes, businesses, hotels, everywhere you will see trees of mandarin oranges and potted flowers. Chinese don’t generally decorate with cut flowers, as anything cut represents severing good luck. Instead, live plants and full branches of blossoms are used, with each fruit and flower symbolising different things.

2 – Yuan Bao ( 元宝 )

Yuan Bao

These throwbacks to Imperial China are commonplace in Chinese New Year. They come in all varieties from real gold to imitation. This one pictured actually holds chocolate inside! They are a symbol of prosperity and fortune for the next year.

3 – Happy Birthday! (人日)

Chinese New Year fact number 3 is that on the seventh day of Lunar New Year, everyone grows a year older. Happy Birthday!

4 – The Lion Dance

Chinese New Year Lion Dance

Associated with the creature Nian (年), the lion comes out to feast once a year, during the Chinese New Year. Eating crops, livestock and even people, during the lion dance he visits various businesses, housing blocks etc, where they make an offering of food, hung above the doorway. The lion then scatters the leaves and produces a scroll wishing good luck and fortune.

5 – ChunLian ( 春聯 )

couplet, typically seven characters, on two sides of the door frame, whose content is related to spring. Lexical and tonal rules are always adhered, though not strictly, as chunlian is transformed from metrical poems. Sometimes, concurrently, a horizontal scroll with four to five characters is hanged on the crosspiece of the door. Its content is mostly about the beauty of nature, patriotism of China and their earnestness of a splendid future

The concludes our Five Facts about Chinese New Year. Please check out our Chinese New Year section, where we have some fabulous offerings including children’s books and limited edition mice!

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