David Attenborough – Little People, Big Dreams is OUT NOW

Today sees the release of the newest and much anticipated David Attenborough story as part of the Little People, Big Dreams series.

4th February 2020 is release day for David Attenborough (Little People, Big Dreams) book!
4th February 2020 is release day for David Attenborough (Little People, Big Dreams) book!

He’s an inspiration

Not many individuals have been inspiring so many people of all ages, genders and walks of life for so long. Not many individuals have the power to make so many others listen and pay attention.

Making an impact

The life’s work of David Attenborough has been to bring the wonders of nature to our living rooms, to make us think and care about wildlife as much as he does. His television series are absolutely iconic, particularly recently Blue Planet 2. It managed to have such a big impact that ‘The Blue Planet Effect’ is a phrase used to describe the mass awakening of people to the dangers of plastic in the seas and oceans.

In this book, aimed at children from 4 years, we learn about his childhood and his early interest in zoology. We watch him develop a television career and become the tour de force he is today.

The Little People, Big Dreams series tell the life stories of some of the most inspirational people from history and the present day. All these lives have one thing in common: a childhood dream.

So many amazing books

These books are perfect to fill children with a sense of determination, passion and resilience to pursue their dreams. The series also includes some of the more tricky topics to talk to children about such as disability and racism. There was an initial focus on inspirational women but now there are many books about outstanding men including Bruce Lee, Stephen Hawking, David Bowie, Mahatma Ghandi and Muhammed Ali.

This book is a real treat for any library. Whoever would have thought that a little boy with a love for animals would become the legend that is Sir David!

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