Play Prompts – Learning at Home – Dinosaurs and the Prehistoric World

Dinosaur Play Prompt

Each week at Yes Bebe we explore a different play prompt to help generate ideas from the the Yes Bebe community and team for you to enjoy at home. This week is Dinosaurs and the Prehistoric World. There are simple, quick set ups to more advanced science ideas; something for everyone and spanning so many ages. If you’d love to get inspiration on ways to play with your children then do keep up to date with the blog and join our friendly Yes Bébé Facebook group – Babble.

Last week saw an incredible week of play on the theme SPACE. If you’d love some inspiration then head to the blog post of ideas shared here. If you are sharing your ideas then use the hashtag #YesBebePlay so we can find your ideas. Our aim is to give you ideas anyone can do, they don’t need to be Pinterest worthy, inspiration not aspiration is our motto. We hope that whenever you need some ideas for a topic then you’ll be able to head to the blog and find lots.

You can find lots of book and toy dinosaur and prehistoric world resources on the site here. So let’s dive into some of the amazing ideas that have already been shared this week.

Dinosaur Play

How lovely is this play set up from Charlotte? We love the Holztiger dinosaurs teamed up with so many other loose parts play items. So inviting! When looking to buy toys it’s really useful to think about how many ways they can be used. This is how you can get real value for money from the toys you select.

Here’s a great set up from Simone. The use of fabrics are great for making a cosy play area for little ones to explore.

Look at this creative set up from Marie. Marie is incredibly crafty and a member of out Arts and Crafts Facebook group. Marie frequently posts her amazing crafts in the group. If you’re into crafts definitely worth joining for her inspiration and ideas.

Loose Parts Dinosaur Play

Freedom – that’s what loose parts gives to your children. Loose parts are items that can be moved, transported, ordered, lined up, split, combined. The play is limited to the imagination of the player. How roarsome does this cute little dinosaur from Sophie and family look? Grapat, Grimms and TickIT are great places to start your loose parts journey as well as natural treasure found outside. Here’s the loose parts section on the site if you’d like a closer look.

Dinosaur Saltdough

Dough is a great way to explore lots of topics. It’s brilliant for strengthening the muscles in the hand, fingers and arms as well as developing control and co-ordination. These skills are essential for being able to write. Heather and her family have used salt dough so they can keep their fossil creations. You could use playdough or clay too.

The Prehistoric World

At Yes Bebe HQ Charlotte and family have been transported back in time to the Stone Age with this great little invitation to play.

Thanks so much for all the lovely inspiration so far – we’ll be adding more of the wonderful ideas being shared with us through out the rest of the week so be sure to pop back and see what’s new.

A First Book of The Sea – Nicola Davies, A Story Sack

With this book, children can swim alongside dolphins and flying fish, pore over rockpools and sail from pole to pole and back, learning about everything from phosphorescence and plankton to manta rays and puffins – all in the comfort of their bedroom. Emily Sutton’s exquisite watercolours capture the breathless excitement of a child’s first glimpse of the sea, the majesty of ancient trading ships and the sheer, staggering wonder of the humpback whale.

These beautiful collection of poems can now come to life with the addition of some of your favourite Yes Bebe toys and figures!

A First Book of The Sea and associated figures
A First Book of The Sea and associated figures

First Book of the Sea – Nicola Davies

The Wave

Mermaid Peepul

Pirate Peepul

Ostheimer Dolphin down

Ostheimer Turtle

King Neptune Doll

Purple Mermaid Doll

Pink Mermaid Doll

Stone Soup – A Story Sack

The classic children’s folktale Stone Soup lends itself perfectly to a Story Sack. Create your very own pot of delicious ingredients with a sprinkle of imagination!

A tale with an important moral message at his core can be explored and enjoyed by children and grown ups of all ages.

Stone Soup and Story Sack objects
Stone Soup and Story Sack objects


Respiin Jute Mini Bowl Set – Natural

Grimms 6 Wooden Balls

Grimms 35 Small Wooden Marbles

Grimm’s Dream Pebbles, Limited Edition 2018

Ostheimer Cow

Ostheimer Cat

Ostheimer St. Bernhard Dog

Ostheimer Turtle

Ostheimer Wolf


A Squash and a Squeeze – Story Sack

This classic ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ by Julia Donaldson is brought to life by accompanying it with the characters we meet along the way.

Introducing animals to your little ones with tactile figures or let your little one develop the story with their own imagination.

A Squash and a Squeeze and Figures
A Squash and a Squeeze and Figures

A Squash and a Squeeze – Julia Donaldson

Holztiger Cow

Holztiger Pig

Holztiger Goat

Holztiger Hen

Holztiger Grandmother

Holztiger Grandfather


8 Little Planets – Story Sack

Story Sacks don’t have to be fiction. For some children fairy tales just aren’t their thing….. and who doesn’t love learning about space.  8 Little Planets by Chris Ferrie and Grapat shapes reinforce the pictures enjoyed in the book and are perfect for little hands.

Travel around the solar system and celebrate what makes each planet unique! From Neptune to Mercury and all in between, each one is different and each one is happy to be what they are.

8 Little Planets and Figures
8 Little Planets and Figures

8 Little Planets by Chris Ferrie

Grapat Winter

Grapat Spring

Grapat Mandala Yellow Honeycombs

Grapat Mandala Small Blue Coins

Grimms Decorative Figure Star


Little Bear’s Spring

Little Bear has just woken up from his long winter sleep. But when he pokes his head out of the den, the world around him is vast, white and silent. The only thing he sees is a smooth little stone, just as alone in the snowy wilderness as he is. He nestles it in tight to his fur and off they go in search of friends. Let’s explore this Story Sack……

Little Bear's Spring Cover and Characters
Little Bear’s Spring Cover and Characters

Little Bear's Spring Wolves and Wolf Figure
Little Bear’s Spring Wolves and Wolf Figure

Little Bear and Chick
Little Bear and Chick

Little Bear's Spring Rabbits and Rabbit Figures
Little Bear’s Spring Rabbits and Rabbit Figures

Little Bear’s Spring is a lyrical story about friendship, with a gentle introduction to spring and what happens to the natural world when the seasons change. Written by star picture book author Elli Woollard and illustrated by Briony May Smith, whose artwork brings a sun-dappled springtime landscape to life with breathtaking beauty.

Create this Story Sack:

Little Bear’s Spring

Little Bear



Rabbit (ears down)

Rabbit (ears up)