What is an All In Two Cloth Nappy?

All cloth nappies are made up of two components.

  • An absorbent part
  • A waterproof or water resistant part

An All in Two cloth nappy is one in which these two parts are attached but can be removed. This is usually done by a snap connecting the back of the absorbent soaker to the inner part of the waterproof shell. The absorbent soaker can come in a variety of shapes, from a long straight piece that folds over to create layers to a shaped piece that mirrors the shape of the shell.

You can see in this image an outer shell and two absorbent soakers which all snap together to create the All in Two nappy.

The parts can be separated to speed up drying or added to in order to increase absorbency. The flexibility with this type of nappy makes it popular. Another appealing quality is the high potential for containment. Once any urine or faeces has been absorbed by the absorbent material it then has to broach the elastics of the shell making leaks rare.

During washing the parts to tend to come apart so there is a small amount of preparation to put the nappy together again before use.

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