What are Reuseable Pull Ups and Training Pants?

Towards the end of the time in which your child wears a nappy it may be appropriate to use reuseable Pull Up or Training Pants. This may be because your child will not lay down to be changed any longer or you wish to involve them in the change, encouraging independence before they are using the potty or toilet completely independently

Reuseable Pull Ups and Training Pants tend to have a fully elasticated waist band and/or side closure. The absorbent component may lay inside or be put into a pocket. In most cases the amount of absorbency in a pull up is less than a conventional nappy due to the nature of the design. It is also assumed that that there will be a level of potty or toilet training happening and the insert will be changed regularly. Most are designed so that the shell can be used again immediately and the insert changed. It is not impossible to use Pull Up styles for longer periods if required absorbency can be achieved within the design.

Pull Ups may have a higher weight range than most nappies and the size can be increased further using  removeable extenders for the sides.

Reuseable Training Pants usually have a very small amount of inbuilt absorbency and little to no waterproofing. These are designed to be used as a safety net for small accidents. They should be treated as underwear and fully changed immediately.

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Potty Training and Swim Nappies

Hi, I’m Becky mum of two boys aged nearly 4 and 2. We’ve been cloth bumming since I was pregnant with number two and my eldest was 18 months.

Potty Training

Potty Training can be a daunting task but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of cloth nappies for a while – yay! My key piece of advice is to ignore all the advice given to you by others about when their little ones were in pants and listen to when your child tells you that they are ready! When my eldest was just turned two he began to tell us that he needed a wee, sure enough we’d take him and he would go and this continued occasionally for around 6 months. As he wasn’t telling us consistently we decided not to put him into pants straight away and continued to use our usual cloth nappies as well as introducing pull up style cloth nappies such as the Grovia My choice pants trainer pants boosted with a hemp trifold or bamboo booster. We had to order the flexi panels as I find they come up small but they’re more absorbent that others we tried.
https://yesbebe.co.uk/grovia/7959-grovia- my-choicetm- trainer-pants- rose-abalone- grovia/

We went for the full plunge into pants when he started to tell us consistently and his nappy felt dry.

Top Tips
1. Be Child Led – wait until they can recognise the sensation of needing to go
2. If they’re not ready you can always go back to nappies or use pull up type cloth nappies such as the Grovia
3. Take lots of spare clothes, wet bags and consider using a car seat protector such as the Close one in the car seat in case of accidents.
4. It can be difficult to feel the difference between pants and nappies so they may need to go commando or bare bummed at home for a while
5. When a Toddler tells you they need a wee – they need it now! As in stop what you’re doing immediately and run – run to the potty, toilet or bush (my boys love alfresco wees!)
6. Accidents happen – reassure them it’s ok, clean up and carry on. Consider sitting them on a towel if you’re worried about sofas etc.
7. Night dryness is hormonal – each child is different and they cannot be taught. Your child may well be dry during the day for several years prior to being dry at night.

Swim Nappies

Both my boys have been swimming from a young age at a few months (or weeks for my youngest), in fact a reusable swim nappy was the first reusable nappy I used with my eldest.
Many swimming schools and pools insist on a double nappy system and this doesn’t necessarily mean using one disposable and a cover.

We’ve tended to use a close nappy liner with a close swim nappy over the top and I can personally say that they can catch a poonami although they do come up small so you may need to size up if your little one has chunky thighs like mine did! Close also do some cute matching swimwear that is fleece lined so ideal for keeping little ones warm in the pool.

This may seem obvious – but all swim nappies (including disposables) only catch poo they do not absorb liquid else the little one would be very heavy once in the pool! Bear this in mind if you’re planning to get them into their swim gear before traveling to the pool.