Dragon Boat Festival

Simple Dragon Boat
A simple dragon boat starring a Lanka Kade Dragon, wading through a play board made with Tiny Land Sea Wood Stains, backdrop is a Grimm’s Giant Rainbow.

Today is Dragon Boat Festival 龙舟节直译 (in China 端午节 or Duanwu Festival). For most this means it is time to make zongzi (粽子), but around the world it is better known for the dragon boat racing. I’m going to show you how to fold a quick boat that you can then craft into the more elaborate boat shown above.

What you’ll need:

1. An A4 piece of paper or card
2. Some glue, we recommend Tiny Land Natural Paper Glue
3. Some paint, we recommend Tiny Land Wonderpaints
4. Scissors and paintbrushes.

Part 1: The body of the Dragon Boat

Simple Dragon Boat
Creating a simple Dragon Boat
Dragon Boat 1
Start with a piece of A4
Dragon Boat 2
To make your A4 paper square, fold a triangle and then fold the remainder over. Serrate the edge to make it easy to tear off.
Dragon Boat 3
The remainder tears off
Dragon Boat 4
We are left with a square. This is a great trick as a lot of crafts need a square piece of paper!
Dragon Boat 5
Fold the paper in half
Dragon Boat 6
With the fold on the bottom, fold it in half again.
Dragon Boat 8
Open the fold and fold the bottom corners in.
Dragon Boat 10
Fold the first layer of the top corners in.
Dragon Boat 11
Flip the paper over.
Dragon Boat 12
Fold the top corners of the paper down.
Dragon Boat 14
Fold the layer of paper down.
Dragon Boat 15
Turn it over and fold the other down. At this point you can glue the paper if you wish to make it sturdier, but it’s not essential.
Dragon Boat 16
Et voila! A simple dragon boat that you can decorate.

Dragon Boat 18

Part 2: Decorating and Creating Oars

Dragon Boat 19
Remember that bit we tore off earlier? We can use it to make oars.
Dragon Boat 20
Roll the paper over, then cut a bit off. It isn’t important to keep them round as we will flatten to glue.
Dragon Boat 20
Roll the paper over, then cut a bit off. It isn’t important to keep them round as we will flatten to glue.
Dragon Boat 21
Spread glue along one edge and flatten to dry. Repeat to make 6 oars.
Dragon Boat 22
While we wait for the glue to dry, we can start decorating the boat. Dragon scales are traditional as there is usually a dragon head on the boat. But why not be more elaborate?!
Dragon Boat 23
After the glue is dry, we can round the oars again and make slits. With the leftover paper cut into 6 squares/rectangles, then these slot into the slits. You can glue to stabilise them.
Dragon Boat 24
To glue the oars to the boat, I’ve folded back the top and flattened. You can temporarily hold the oars to the dragon boat with a paper clip or peg while the glue dries.
Dragon Boat 25
And there you go, 6 oars on the dragon boat, 3 on each side. this will help the boat freestand.


Yes Bébé Guide to First Birthday Presents

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Hape Pound and Tap
Hape Pound and Tap


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Utukutu Engraved Rockerboard
Utukutu Engraved Rockerboard


A balance board is the ultimate open ended toy where imagination is the limit. it encourages gross motor skills, imaginative play and so much more. We stock various brands to suit every budget and whim.



Le Toy Van Petilou Sensory Shapes
Le Toy Van Petilou Sensory Shapes


The Petilou sensory shapes offer fun and learning for all the senses. There are different textures, sounds, shapes and colours.


Tegu 42 Piece Jungle
Tegu 42 Piece Jungle

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Haba Doll Clara
Haba Doll Clara

Every girl and boy needs their first dolly. The Haba dolls are soft, cuddly and a perfect size to carry round.


Grimms Wankel
Grimms Wankel



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Lanka Kade Countryside Animals
Lanka Kade Countryside Animals

Lanka Kade animals are lovely and chunky. Just right for grasping hands. They are really hard wearing and stand up to being chucked and banged.


Grimms 3 in a Boat
Grimms 3 in a Boat



These fun men satisfy the urge to take things out and put back in. They can have a rocking time!



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This pyramid offers the ideal introduction to building blocks. With the Stepped Pyramid magical palaces and castles arise, beautiful cities, towers and landscapes… one can create everything with these bright coloured blocks!


LTV Woodland Tree Puzzle


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Hape Pop Up Teddy Shower Buddy
Hape Happy Buckets Set


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Grimms 7 Rainbow Friends in Cups
Grimms 7 Rainbow Friends in Cups


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