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  • Corinne Lapierre

    Felt craft kits made in Yorkshire, England by a small but very efficient team who are passionate about crafts and creativity.

    "When we send our kits to our customers, we like to think of the joy and excitement of opening the box! We want to send you inspiration, creativity and quality materials."

    Felt used is soft and luxurious with 45% wool and 55% viscose.

  • Crafty Kit Company
  • Crayon Rocks

    Smooth, bright and vivid colours designed to strengthen a child’s tripos grip muscles, preparing little fingers and hands for pen and pencil use. Crayon Rocks are made from natural Soy wax and natural mineral colours meaning they are non-toxic.

  • Creativ Company
  • Cricut
  • Fiesta Crafts
    Fiesta Crafts loves to create traditional toys with a contemporary twist! Puppets, Magnetic Activities, Baby Toys, Preschool Toys, Glue-free reusable stickers, Fabric Wall Hangings and more!

    They were the first company to become a Good Toy Guide Endorsed Company, meaning that at least 80% of their product ranges are tested by professional testers and children themselves. The reviews are published by the Good Toy Guide. They design and test their toys to the stringent toy safety standards and take great care to manufacture the products in factories that employ good working practices. 

  • Filges

    "We founded our family enterprise in 1985. In the beginning, we only ran a small manual spinning plant and our wool combing works. Then we added our plant color dyeing mill. The principles that rule our personal life also apply in the manufactoring and distribution of our products: We want to use and to produce sustainable, ecological and emission-free products. Since 1995 we are a Bioland-certified manufacturer of sheep wool, since 2015 we are a member of the IVN (Internationaler Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft, International Association of Natural Textiles). Our wool comes exclusively from sheeps raised in certified organic animal husbandry in Germany. Our dyes are plant-based. For mordants we use alum and tartar.

    Enjoy the naturalness of our products as we do!"

  • Goober

    This is the brand <Goober> made with the theme of painting .

    Goober means'peanut' and

    It has the meaning of'comic and silly' .

    Maybe it's outside the normal range,

    It embodies the things of an unusual mutant-like existence around

    I will listen to that story.


    Are you, Goober?

  • Hawthorn Handmade
    At Hawthorn Handmade we want you to enjoy getting creative as much as we do, and make it easy for you to create beautiful things. Whether you’re a beginner or beyond, our craft kits contain the materials and instructions you need to make your own creative project.
  • Imagination Starters

    Imagination Starters focuses on creating products that encourage non-digital creative play for kids and for adults.

  • Kitpas

    Welcome to the world of kitpas - a new dimension in art materials. kitpas Art Crayons and kitpas Chalks with their exuberantly vibrant colors bring out the kid in everyone. Their buttery smoothness unleashes children's creativity instantly.  Bright, bold drawings unfold with ease on almost any surface including paper, glass, mirrors and whiteboard. Our crayons are water soluble and with just a few strokes of a wet brush your drawing will become a gorgeous watercolor painting! Clean up is a snap on any non porous surface. And for a pastel-like drawing experience, our kitpas Chalks are simply the best. All kitpas products are non-toxic and allergen free.

  • Lyra

    LYRA artist supplies are superior products for serious artists. LYRA Aquacolor Crayons are water soluble wax crayons which are extremely highly pigmented. This pigmentation results in intense color brilliancy and high light fastness. LYRA Aquacolor Crayons are water soluble and easy to blend, allowing for an almost unlimited range of shades. Available in a wide variety of color assortments, Aquacolor Crayons are AP certified non-toxic and come in a convenient metal storage tin. Draw, sketch design and empower your creativity with artist products from LYRA.

  • Mercurius

    Mercurius  is the leading supplier of art supplies to Waldorf schools worldwide  and combines years of experience with energy and innovation. They actively embraces social and environmental responsibilities and subject all products to extensive safety and environmental testing. Mercurius is committed to offering only quality, safe products that meet all applicable standards. 

  • Micador

    "Established in 1952, we create art, craft, stationery, toy and tech products and ideas for amazing experiences.

     We have successfully partnered with Retailers and Education Suppliers for over 60 years and three generations of Australian family ownership.

     We’re unafraid to be different and are uncompromising in our purpose to make EVERY EXPERIENCE AMAZING!

     Our culture is our DNA and while we celebrate individual’s uniqueness and differences - we need different styles of thinking to problem solve and innovate! Our focus is to have a team that is united in our purpose and our DNA.  It’s super simple, but super effective at creating a work environment to get stuff done, get better and create amazing experiences."

  • Natural Earth Paint

    Non-toxic and very high quality art supplies. Natural Earth Paint is earth, clay and it's mineral pigments, which are warm earth shades. Your paintings get those real natural look. Children will find out what real colors are! Natural Earth Paint continuously spreads the word about the dangers of toxic art supplies for our health, our children’s health and the health of our only planet. Many fine artists are happy to work with these natural paints which gives positive result to their health.

  • OkoNorm

    The philosophy of ökoNORM has always been to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly and non-toxic products, made from sustainable resources.They have always remained loyal to that principle by developing ecologically-friendly products which have as little as possible impact on the environment and human health in their production, use and disposal. Protecting the environment is a cause close to the hearts of the founders of ökoNORM , the products therefore meet the highest environmental and quality requirements. This award winning company is committed to people and the environment, using renewable raw materials to let the creativity flow safely and responsibly.

  • PlayMais
    PlayMais is a natural toy for crafting which does not affect our environment. When the maize is dampened it becomes adhesive. In this way, children are able to create patterns, animals, pirate ships or a world of fantasy. With food colouring but without any artificial additives it is 100% biodegradable.
  • Poppik

    "Poppik brand was born in 2016. We propose an original concept with stickers for kids and adults that we call sticker art. It's very easy : you just have to play with hundreds of small colorful stickers on a grid by following a numbered color code. You complete a giant poster to compose a sticker mosaics."

  • Rayher

    Quality craft supplies!

  • Rico Design

    "Our world is sequins, stranded cotton, canvas, renaissance beads, glue, pompons, felting wool, charms, fabrics, linen bands, merino wool, acrylic paint, embroidery books, joggle eyes, sock yarn and paper. Our world is colourful."

  • SmartCraft
    Smartcraft is a brilliant range of Craft packs which are complete group or class projects in a single pack – everything you need (except for PVA and paint ) is in the bag. Designed by Jill Alblas the kits cover a wide range of themes – Healthy Eating, Religious festivals, Friends and Class mates, family and more. The sets will help develop the imagination , dexterity and creativity of younger children. Comprehensive Teacher Notes are included in all the packs.
  • Stockmar

    Based in Schleswig-Holstein, the Stockmar company has been making quality products for art and art teaching for many decades. Hans Stockmar started with beekeeping products and beeswax candles in 1922. Acting on the suggestion of certain art teachers he soon proceeded to develop his modelling wax, and more than 50 years ago the classic Stockmar wax crayon was then created. The watercolours and wax sheets came later.

  • The Geeky Stitching Company

    "Here at the Geeky Stitching Co we are all about fun, puns & stitching up cute stuff! Operating from our rainbow coloured HQ in North Devon since 2015, we have seen tens of thousands of Cross Stitch kits head out to their new homes across the globe.

    Every kit & pattern is designed and packed up at the HQ & we are pretty sure that there is something for everyone, whether you’re a stitcher yourself or buying a gift (unless you want to stitch up a vase of flowers or country cottage as that’s not really our style!)."

  • Tiger Tribe
  • Tiny Land

    Independent manufacturer of Gluten free Playdough, Organic Crayons and Natural paints. Plant derived and eco friendly!

  • Toft
    TOFT offers alpaca and wool knitting yarns and exclusive easy-to-make knitting and crochet patterns. TOFT was founded in 2006 by Kerry Lord, who is also the writer and designer of the Edward's Menagerie crochet pattern series.
  • Wee Can Too

    Wee Can Too bring art supplies to babies and toddlers by ensuring that all their products are made from fruit and vegetable powders and plant-based ingredients, banishing any worries that the baby might eat the paint!  All art supplies are natural and made from the safest ingredients without chemicals, preservatives or colour additives.  With all colours coming from nature, you can relax as your mini Picasso creates their very first masterpiece!

  • Yamato
    Since YAMATO developed the first started production and sales of glass-bottled long-life starch paste in 1899, YAMATO has kept challenging to create new value with ultimate possibilities in adhesives and put forward new products for more than 100 years history of YAMATO.
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Showing 1 - 18 of 1075 items