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"We at MOOVER TOYS are committed to working towards a sustainable future and we have a long-term approach and strategy that involve a range of different CSR-initiatives. 

Besides offering safe, high quality toys, we have always had a strong social engagement in the community. Local workers in Yunhe produce our items in local factories and we support and respect the protection of internationally proclaims human rights within the spheres of influence, and ensure that the company actively works against the abuse of human rights.We set high ethical standards on all of our suppliers, ensuring that all products are manufactured under good, fair and internationally acceptable working conditions. We will continuously improve our way of working, by minimizing our footprint as much as possible.

Our company is committed to working towards a sustainable future. As a result, we at MOOVER TOYS have a long-term approach and strategy when it comes to our environmental policy. By continuously improving our way of working, we can minimize our footprint and give children a happy childhood as well as a bright future."