Welcome to the Yes Bébé Savings Club!

Spread the cost of birthdays or other celebrations by reserving your toys and gifts now and paying the balance off over up to 4 months!

Yes Bébé Savings Club Options

  1.        Clothing Savers: 4-week payment plan. Pay a 20% deposit using CLOTHSAVE20
  2.        Classic Savers: 4-month payment plan. Pay a 20% deposit using SAVINGS20 and after you receive your invoice, you can add to your Savings Club using ADDSAVE20

How To Open A Savings Club

  1. Fill your basket with the products from the website that you would like to order.
  2. Enter the appropriate code into the voucher box at the check-out. This will reduce your total balance to the non-refundable* deposit which is to be paid immediately.
  3. A PayPal invoice will then be created for you, typically within 7 working days from the order being made, but please allow a little longer during busy times. This is manually generated by customer services and sent to the email address used to log in to your Yes Bébé account.
  4. You can access your invoice via the PayPal invoice email and/or your PayPal account and you can pay in installments at your convenience. 
  5. Payment must be made in full before goods are dispatched, and partial dispatch is not available.
  6. Please email when your balance has been paid to let us know.

Savings Club Terms - Please Read

  1. A non-refundable deposit of 20% is due immediately and applies to any cancellation of a product, including the return of a product after receipt, subject to a 14-day grace period in place from the date of invoice.
  2. Your balance is due within the time frames stated in the Yes Bébé Savings Club Options above e.g. Classic Savers balance is payable within 4 months of the invoice creation date.
  3. The price at time of addition to list is final. No further discounts may be applied, and percentage vouchers (other than that to set up the Savings Club) used will not be applied to your invoice. No flash deals, including temporary raised discounts, may be applied to the Savings Club. Mystery Boxes may also not be applied. 
  4. Please be mindful when ordering a drop-ship item using the Savings Club as these are ordered from the supplier after full payment has been received and we cannot guarantee availability. Drop-ship items are exempt from the non-refundable deposit terms.
  5. Open to residents of UK and Ireland. Outside the UK, please contact to discuss.
  6. Standard shipping fees apply where appropriate. We are unable to offer Priority Shipping with Savings Clubs. If you choose this option at the check out, you will not be charged for the service and the shipping option will not apply to your order. 
  7. If you use ADDSAVE20 with the Classic Savers, the voucher automatically deducts any applicable shipping fee. In the event this does not happen, you will not be charged shipping for this order and any shipping costs paid for will be used against the final balance of your Savings Club.
  8. If you cancel an item from a Savings Club within the 14-day grace period, unless the whole order is cancelled, you will not be refunded for the deposit paid for this item and it will be used against the balance of your invoice. 
  9. You may open a maximum of two invoices at a time.
  10. When using ADDSAVE20, if you have more than one open invoice, please indicate if you have a preference otherwise it will be added to your most recently opened invoice.
  11. Rewards Account Credit can only be earned from the Savings Club deposit.
  12. Clothing cannot be added to the Classic Savers and adding to one will result in you being charged full price at the check-out for the clothing items.
  13. It is imperative that we are notified of any change of address to avoid any dispatch errors. We cannot be held responsible for this not being communicated to us as your Savings Club will be shipped to the delivery address chosen at the check-out, not PayPal, unless we are otherwise notified.
  14. Savings Clubs are processed differently to normal orders so please allow a minimum of 7 working days for dispatch, and a minimum of 14 working days around the festive period and advertised busy periods. 
  15. We cannot combine Savings Clubs with normal orders and subscriptions.
  16. The Savings Clubs may be temporarily closed or made limited during busy times.
  17. Any unpaid Savings Club that has passed the due date may be cancelled. All efforts will be made to contact you before that happens.
  18. Cancellations and unpaid Savings Clubs may prevent the use of Savings Clubs on your account for future orders. 

Click here to view our full terms and conditions.