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  • Ambrosius

    The project was born in 1996 after an extensive collaboration between Mrs. Katalin Poszony, the owner of Ambrosius, and the Waldorf School in Cluj-Napoca. The result is an adorable eco-friendly doll handcrafted out of renewable materials like wool felt, wool and wood which replicates a certain flower or fruit and is meant for both decorative and educational purposes.

    All of these high-quality dolls are entirely handmade; Ambrosius Prodcom is one of the few Romanian companies that proudly offers work-at-home opportunities for mothers with young children, retired persons and persons with disabilities. A part of the firm’s profit is donated to the local Waldorf school and also to support education in some of the poorer villages of Transylvania.

    Romania is the country with the lowest income per family in the E.U., averaging $700 a month. When you buy an Eco Flower Fairy, you support a business that HELPS
    * a dedicated mother with young children to secure her work from home
    * a retired lady to stop worrying that her small pension won't pay for all of her bills
    * a talented person with disabilities to proudly have a worthy job
    * the Waldorf School in Cluj-Napoca to continue its art classes
    * a school in a poor Transylvanian village to have warmer classrooms in wintertime

    “What is an Eco Flower Fairy good for?” you might ask yourself. At least two things, we answer. To grace your home, and to touch your soul. It's not just an Eco Flower Fairy, it's the magic of sharing our humanity. With each Eco Flower Fairy doll that you buy and gets a home, you also help us to support social and environmental projects that protect the future of our children and flowers. 

  • T-Lab

    T-Lab makes original design hand-made wooden products from selected natural materials.

    For example their 'polepole animals'.

    These are hand-carved and painstakingly polished by a team of artisans.
    We are proud of the time it takes them to hand craft the 'polepole animals'.
    That's the reason why the 'polepole animals' are heartwarming items.

    "From our hand to your hand.
    We want to warm people's heart.
    That is T-Lab.'s philosophy."

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Showing 1 - 18 of 285 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 285 items