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  • Avanchy

    The story of Avanchy started in 2014, when our founder, Faisal, noticed a distinct lack of sustainable, Eco-friendly baby dishes. Father of 18 month old twins and an Eco-focused homeowner himself, he started thinking of the best way to serve organic foods without giving up on practicality: “You spend hours of research on the best organic ingredients for your family only to find that there are no true organic alternatives to serve them in?”

    Faisal already had the requirements of the perfect baby dishes: they had to be made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials by means of ethical techniques and they had to be easy to use around children. Having learned from his small twins, meal time with babies tends to be quite messy, so the addition of a special suction cup to hold the dishes in place was a must.

    After researching the market for more than half a year to find the perfect collection of baby dishes, but finding nothing that met those exact requirements, Faisal decided to design the baby dishes himself. Six months later, the prototype for the Avanchy Baby Bowl was ready to be tested by friends and family. Impressed with the idea, they encouraged him to expand it and make it available for parents everywhere.

    Faisal reached out to Jorge, his now VP | Co-Founder, for support launching Avanchy to the public and together they focused on designing the rest of the line, plates and utensils as well as improving the original designs. And this is how Avanchy was born.

  • BambooCUP
  • Beefayre
  • Chewsy
  • Dans Le Sac
  • Derevko Decorations
  • Emotif
  • Funky Soap

    Funky Soap, a small UK company based in London, provide the option to use only 100% natural ingredients using ‘the power and simplicity of nature to cleanse, soothe, heal and protect your skin’. With products that are created using Palm Oil which is 100% Certified Sustainable Greenpalm, you can get rid of those plastic bottles and instead use a product which will make you feel good, not only about yourself, but the planet as well!

  • GuppyFriend
  • Lamazuna

    Named by Nika, the Georgian housemate of the brand's founder Laëtitia, Lamazuna means "pretty young girl" but these zero-waste, vegan, fair-trade products are for everyone. 

  • Lavinia

    Lavinia provides zero waste beauty & household products which are sustainable, natural and biodegradable.

    All Toockies products are Fairtrade certified. When the cotton yarn is purchased the from the mill in India, a certificate is received with a Control Union stamp, the cotton is GOTS certified.

    The women who participate in this project are taught how to knit at a local community center, where a bathroom has been built just for them. The knitters take home a little roll of yarn, and once a week they drop off finished products, where a quality check is facilitated. There is a doctor present who are giving the knitters and their children a free health check-up.

    By purchasing these products you are supporting these women by giving them a chance to have dreams that they would otherwise not have. Handmade in India by women in a fairtrade project, managed by a local NGO called “Promise Charitable Trust”

  • Little Fox Soapery

    Say Goodbye to Plastic Washing up liquid bottles FOREVER with the plastic-free dish soap blocks from Little Fox Soapery

    Handmade by a husband & wife team in Scotland, Little Fox Soapery make luxury, high quality products and are proud to call themselves cruelty-free by using ingredients that do not contribute to the suffering of other living things.

    NO Parabens
    NO Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS)
    No Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
    NO harsh detergents
    No artificial preservatives
    NO animal testing

  • Mulieres

    Safe cleaning power!

    Mulieres makes cleaning and washing a lot easier, plus with only two products, it frees up space on your ever crowded “cleaning products” shelf.

  • Planet Wise
  • Primal Suds

    In their own words: "Primal Suds was created as a result of us ourselves moving away from conventional soap products and deciding to make our own. This way we knew exactly what was going onto our skin and being absorbed by our bodies. What started off as a means to control our own wash-time needs and requirements quickly became an idea for the business we have today."

  • Scribbles And Sparkle
  • Snails
  • Soma

    Soma believe clean drinking water is a basic human right. That’s why they’re a proud sponsor of charity: water and partner with them in their mission to bring safe drinking water to over 663 million people without access to it. Naturally, they’re always as sustainable as possible, from manufacturing to packaging to office practices.

  • The Country Candle Company
  • U Konserve
  • Your Fluffy Fix
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