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List of products by manufacturer Chrysanthos

Chrysanthos Color Company was established in the GuangXi Autonomous Region of China in the capital city of Nanning during 2005.

Historically, the name Chrysanthos is derived from the Greek words chrysos(χρυσοςmeaning “gold” and anthos (ανθοςmeaning “flower“, so in combination Chrysanthos (Χρυσανθοςmeans “golden flower”.

The name Chrysanthos was first used by a semi-legendary 3rd century Egyptian saint and the founders name also links back to the similar origins.

In Mandarin, the name “golden flower” (金花) pronounced “jinhua”, is fortunate because it means “good luck“.

The logo designed to be the emblem of the company itself resembles a spectacular golden flower.

Chrysanthos Color Company Limited is western owned and managed.

Organisationally they are divided in to broadly four areas, Management & Administration, Color Production, Color Wheel Production and Education working out of one location within Nanning.

The team is made up of a dedicated group of people who enjoy pleasing customers world wide with quality products and service.

They strive to be equal to the best in this field so we dedicate a lot of our resources to research and development of new, interesting and safe products for our customers to use.

Quality is also a key consideration so they invest significant effort ensuring our products work seamlessly and painlessly each and every time.

Their latest endeavour, the Chrysanthos Color Wheel is a new product that educates in color theory and tantalises people’s imaginations with its unusual properties.

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