Plastic Free July 2018

On Offer This Week

We are encouraging people to give wooden toys a go.

#LitterPickingHeroes #Week1

There is more to come about week 1 of Plastic Free July but that will start tomorrow. However, the launch of the Litter Picking initiative is today. There are 3 parts to it (because you know how I love making things complicated!). This will also be a post on the main page so feel free to share that with your friends and encourage them to join in!

Part 1: Collect 15 pieces of rubbish and receive a 15% code to use before end of the year. This will run weekly so you have 4 chances to obtain codes . To be eligible post your rubbish collection on your timeline or on Instagram and tag us and use the hashtag #litterpickingheroes .

Part 2: Each week the person who collects the most rubbish will receive a special Litter Picking Heroes reward related to the week's theme (week 1 is toys by the way). After the 4 weeks the person who collected the most out of the 4 will win a £20 voucher! Enter the same way as Part 1!

Part 3: Each week there will be a #ybchallenge related to litter. Week 1 we ask you to create your very own toy using nothing but rubbish! The most creative entry (judged by us) will win a Re-Cycle-Me kit :D. To enter just post a photo of your creation on social media and tag it #ybchallenge.

Week 1 entries need to be in by 5pm on Sunday 8th July!