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Toys & Books (By Brand)

Toys & Books (By Brand) There are 4670 products.


  • Ambrosius
  • Bajo
  • Best Years

    Based in the UK, Best Years have been making toys for over 10 years and were the first to introduce knitted dinosaurs, still a favourite today! They care about remaining ethical all the way through their production process, from where they source their materials to whom makes the toys, currently- a network of fair trade cooperatives, artisans in Peru and disabled groups in Vietnam. All of Best Years toys are suitable from birth and safety tested to CE and EN71. All of their toys are also Machine Washable. 

  • Big Jigs

    A garden shed in Kent was where it all began for Big Jigs. Founded in 1985 by Peter, a teacher by trade Big Jigs offers ethical and exciting toys that are now shipped from the UK to over 93 countries worldwide. Using their teaching background to produce toys that help with your children’s development Big Jigs offer a vast range of fun toys for your children. Take the Weather Balancing Game for example, this toy will help your child with their language and motor skills whilst most importantly having fun. Big Jigs is about learning through play and we are proud to stock this brand especially for their ethical credentials. Making sure that they are committed to responsible manufacturing, majority of Big Jigs items use rubber wood which is a byproduct of latex production and they ensure that forests used are replenished. From Wiggly Worm to encourage grasping for the smallest of hands to the colorful Snake Counting Puzzle Tray to help those growing hands to count we have a great range of Big Jigs toys for all ages here at Yes Bebe.

  • Black's Toys

    Black’s Toys are a small family run business specialising in beautiful, handmade, wooden toys. From drawing the design to staining each individual piece, the whole process is done by hand in the heart of Lancashire. Black’s Toys encourage imaginative, open ended play and enhance any small world play scene – from the mountain to the ocean.

  • Bonikka

    Bonikka addresses a universal need we all have for someone familiar to share experiences with, confide in, and provide comfort. The term familiar, from familiaris in Latin, literally means "to be like family”. Bonikka dolls are about exactly that; each doll is a friend, waiting to be adopted by some special child as their favourite companion, ready to provide comfort whenever needed and remind them they are indeed deeply loved.

  • Brin d'Bois

    Brin d'Bois are a home-made company inspired by the teachings of Waldorf. From concept to finish their wooden toys and figures are expertly crafted resulting in high quality and educational toys. The forms and colour combinations using soft warm tones give free rein to the development of imaginary play. All their toys and figures are manufactured in France using local wood like maple and fir along amongst others. They use water resistant non-toxic hard oils and colours that meet required safety standards, are environmentally friendly and health conscious. They are an eco-responsible company that respect people and the environment.

  • Child's Play
  • Crayon Rocks

    Smooth, bright and vivid colours designed to strengthen a child’s tripos grip muscles, preparing little fingers and hands for pen and pencil use. Crayon Rocks are made from natural Soy wax and natural mineral colours meaning they are non-toxic.

  • Creatimber
  • Discoveroo

    Discoveroo are an Australian brand that was launched in the latter end of 2009. Created by a husband and wife duo, Discoveroo products are designed to encourage more creative play. The pair quickly became familiar with the many benefits of wooden toys and realised how much enjoyment their three children got from creative play, whilst inspiring them during the first critical years of development. By enabling the child to explore endless opportunities and develop their mind in the process, Discoveroo ensures that your little ones imagination will be well and truly be used. From their many different construction sets to the amazing Sort and Stack Truck Discoveroo focuses on quality materials and in house design to offer the best educational toys whilst keeping their two most important factors at the forefront: natural and simple.

  • Drewart
    Drewart is a producer of wooden toys based in Poland. Their toys are distributed and used all over the world in many countries, including Canada, Australia and all over Europe. They have the C.E stamp, meaning the toys meet rigours safety standards. Drewart use natural, ecologically friendly materials from sustainable wood to natural oils. With manual assembly and meticulous quality control the aim for complete customer satisfaction. The wide range of toys gives many learning opportunites and encourages creativity, manual skills and fun all around.
  • Educo

    Welcome to the world of Educo: a colourful world full of playful learning, new ideas, and challenging educational games.

  • Eduplay

    Eduplay products are characterised by their holistic character, which combines the play factor with a development-promoting aspect. That is why we offer toys that can be used especially for small children and children with disabilities. 

  • Eric & Albert

    Handmade eco-friendly toys and crafts inspired by nature - designed with love - made in Kent.

    Sustainably made using only sustainable FSC certified wood from native and European origin and finished with water based non toxic paints.

    "We are a small husband and wife family run business, crafting and designing our timeless wooden toys and crafts with our toddler in tow! Everything is carried out in house, from crafting to packaging and marketing, ensuring we do so in the most eco-friendly of ways. Each toy is carved individually and hand painted resulting in unique pieces and characters"

  • Erzi
  • EverEarth

    EverEarth are an eco-friendly wooden toy company. Most of their toys are wood based and crated with sustainable timber or bamboo farmed from their own FSC certified plantation in China! The company practice ethical labour and ensure that their eco-friendly production methods are sustained throughout, even their packaging is 70% recycled! With non-toxic water based paint used on all their products, Ever Earth provide beautifully classically designed toys at affordable prices.

  • Fagus

    Proud of their stance on “wood instead of hype!” Fagus has stood proud for well over 30 years. Located in Germany, Fagus provides high quality toys that are sure to stand the test of time. All Fagus items are lovingly created in a workshop supported by charities that aim to help and care for people with a wide range of disabilities. From cranes to fire engines Fagus toys are all expertly designed using interlocking methods to ensure that all Fagus toys are steerable and robust. By using only wood sourced from sustainable German forests Fagus toys not only encourage motor skills but they also stimulate imagination all whilst ensuring sustainability. Keeping a beautiful sense of closeness at the heart of this brand makes sure it’s a popular one here at Yes Bebe.

  • Fauna

    Based in Hungary, Fauna specialise in crafting handmade and high quality wooden toys, free from harmful materials which meet all European safety standards. Their products are mostly made out of Maple wood and they take care to plant new trees to replace the ones they use, lessening their environmental impact. 

  • Flights of Fancy
  • Flockmen

    Flockmen is a product which has been designed by parents, with children totally in mind! Run by a family and created and produced in Latvia, the company ensure that ethical methods and sustainable processes are driven throughout every aspect of their product. They even product test at a local Kindergarten! Flockmen provide open ended toys to inspire creativity in children and allow children of all ages (and adults too!) to play together and let their imaginations go wild!

  • Floss & Rock
  • Glückskäfer
  • Goki

    Goki toys are sustainably produced in northern Germany by the same company that bring you Holztiger. Goki specialise in traditional toys which spark the imagination and creativity of children, as well as developing fine-motor skills. They have a wide and varied range of products including puzzles, building blocks, spinning tops, vehicles and musical instruments.

  • Grapat

    Grapat is a small family project built on the premise of letting children play, at their own pace and in their own time. They are inspired by the sacred and complete immersion of child like play when new worlds are created with rules unique to that moment and time. They believe in nurturing the safe space children create when playing and provide natural material without instructions for open-ended, favor free and uninterrupted play. Material that encourage, invite and stimulate the senses and incorporate the natural elements are favoured to promote the creation of a variety of scenarios through play. The finishes are made with waxes and oils of vegetable origin and it is made following traditional processes.They use thick soft raw materials and natural dyes which leaves the wood veins visible through vibrant coloured waxes and oils with a slight shine.  All products are home made and hand painted with great care.  Their passion was ignited when they moved out of the city and into a more natural environment where they can work, surrounded by nature, the land, fire, rivers and many children. 

  • Green Board Game

    Green Board Game company was set up in 1991 in the UK, creating educational board games to enhance learning about tricky topics through play. The board games are a fun way for children to learn hard topics and open the line of conversation with others. Green Board Game Company produce some of their games in Spain, working with a charity who promote inclusion by integrating employees with Down syndrome into the workplace.

  • Green Owl Toys
  • Green Toys
  • Grimms
  • Haba

    Haba began in 1939 creating wooden toys for little hands. Since then their range has expanded to include many childhood favourites including rattles, ball runs and dolls. Haba products are designed and manufactured in Germany. The materials used are sourced from sustainable forest management awarding all their toys with the PEFC seal.

  • Hape

    Hape Toys is one of the world’s largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Hape is guided by the philosophy that the future belongs to our children and creates toys that inspire play, learning and exploration of the world we live in. All of the products meet, and more often, exceed the strictest international standards for quality and safety. Hape Toys represents the next generation of play.

  • Heimess
    Heimess is a German company that produces cherrywood toys for babies and infants; they have been in production for 50 years. Sourcing wood from local surrounding forests, not far from Stuttgart, they make sure it is sustainable and natural.  Heimess is part of the Gollnest & Kiesel trademark alongside other brands such as Holztiger and Goki. All paints are water-based making it safe for babies to put in their mouths. Due to the large variety of toys available from Heimess development opportunities are bountiful. From imagination to motor skills they are sure to capture infants attention and minds.
  • Helga Kreft

    Helga Kreft is a successful family run business that have been producing top quality and ecological sustainable toys for over 35 years. Sustainability is extremely important and every piece is manufactured with great attention to detail to bring you toys that they are very proud of.They aim to develop toys that are child friendly as well as educationally meaningful to support, encourage and embellish play. Allowing children to imitate life and pour all their focus into their own little world encourages the development of motor skills, imagination, concentration and social behaviour. They believe man and nature should live in harmony and as a result their toys are made from natural materials, mainly wood, from local cultivation. 

  • Holztiger
  • Indigo Jamm

    Established in 2011 Indigo Jamm produce lasting toys that are designed here in the UK, using high quality and sustainable materials such as rubber wood. These toys inspire long lasting fun whilst encouraging development through safe play. Our toys often have a quirky or retro style to them and our range includes the Multi award winning Jamm Scoot. Indigo Jamm has designed a number of toys specifically for younger children with numerous lines suitable from 12 months plus. 

  • Janod
    Janod is a French company of toys and games, aimed at children aged 1-9 years. Over the years they have changed their toys to adapt to the need sof children. With the release of Juratoys, Janod became am international company. Using colourful, original designs and high quality durable materials they manage to stay on trend so children continually have fun. 
    Janod toys range from rocking horses to jigsaws, play shops to trains to encourage imagination, self discovery, sharing, listening and many many more skills. With such a wide range of toys Janod respects children's preferences and "Gives them self confidence through play" 
  • K. Lewis Books
  • Kaloo
  • Kinetic Sand

    Kinetic Sand is 98% sand and 2% magic, so you can pull it, shape it and mold it, to create incredible sand art. Kinetic Sand sticks to itself and not to kids, so it can be easily cleaned up and stored. It oozes, moves and melts right before your eyes. It flows through fingers just like real sand and leaves them completely dry, but when pressed together, it sticks to itself and keeps its shape!

  • Koseli
  • Lanka Kade

    Lanka Kade. Bright and colourful chunky puzzles, vehicles and figures. There's something here for everyone. Designed in the UK and made in Sri-lanka, helping to support local communities by paying fair wages and giving good working conditions. 

  • Lubulona

    Lubulona are Tina and Jordi, who design and produce wooden toys and deco objects with a modern style. Their toys are educational and versatile and are made for boys and girls. Thwy work with manufacturers in Europe who produce the different pieces for them. The final production steps are done by ourselves in our little workshop in Barcelona. 

    Their main toy is Lubu Town, a construction toy with an urban design that allows kids to construct their own buildings and cities. Lubu Town comes with wooden stackable houses, ladders, roofs, cars and wooden figures and combines construction with symbolic play.

  • Le Toy Van

    Set up in Surrey in 1995, Le Toy Van aim to create traditional wooden toys with a modern feel and high quality. They focus on role play to help promote early learning and imagination development in young children. They ensure they use natural materials including replenishable legal quality smooth rubber-wood. All of Le Toy Vans toys comply with the rigorous EN-71 & ASTM safety standards and are hand finished to achieve a unique look each time.

  • Magic Wood
  • Maileg
  • Moulin Roty

    Moulin Roty represents 40 years of dreams and softness. A multitude of characters and stories have punctuated the years.

  • Natural Earth
  • NIC

    NIC sustainably produce traditional wooden toys in southern Germany. Their products are designed to inspire children, appeal to their senses, encourage creative thinking and develop fine-motor skills.

  • Nowa Szkola

    Since its foundation in 1992 Nowa Szkoła has been persistent and consistent in promoting and creating a friendly educational environment. Their main addressees are always children; therefore, their priorities – from project to product – are safety, quality and development.

  • Ocamora
  • OkoNorm

    The philosophy of ökoNORM has always been to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly and non-toxic products, made from sustainable resources.They have always remained loyal to that principle by developing ecologically-friendly products which have as little as possible impact on the environment and human health in their production, use and disposal. Protecting the environment is a cause close to the hearts of the founders of ökoNORM , the products therefore meet the highest environmental and quality requirements. This award winning company is committed to people and the environment, using renewable raw materials to let the creativity flow safely and responsibly.

  • Olli Ella
    Olli Ella started in London in 2009 with 2 sisters specialising in nursery furniture. Over the years their products have expanded into different aspects of nursery decor from chairs to bedding. Drawing inspiration from their own children and childhoods they design items with a nostalgic yet modern look to appeal to parents and children alike. Olli Ella use sustainable natural materials and focus production on craftsmanship and ethics as well as product quality.
  • Orange Tree

    First established in 2000, Orange Tree Toys is a family run business who have steadily grown to firmly establish themselves as producers of beautifully crafted traditional children’s toys.  All products are designed in the UK and their bespoke and own brand toys are beautifully designed end expertly presented.

  • Orchard Toys

    Introducing...Orchard Toys. Orchards Toys have been creating colourful, educational games and jigsaws for over 40 years. Made in the UK their boards are 100% recycled and the paper they use is sourced from sustainable forests. They offer two piece puzzles suitable from 18 months up to puzzles with 150 to challenge the most experienced puzzler! Their games will bring together the whole of the family to make learning fun.

  • Ostheimer
  • Papoose
  • Peepul
  • Petit Collage
  • Pintoy
  • Play & Go

    The Play&Go® bag is a simple and effective solution to toy storage, and its lots of fun. A 2 in 1 toy storage bag that doubles as a play mat is every child's dream. Even Lego® storage is simple, and dolls, cars, balls and blocks can all be swiftly cleared away with one swing. When kids use the Play&Go® it motivates them to clean up and to throw the toys into the bag!

  • Primo Toys
  • Rainbow Dreams (Raduga...
  • The Real Rubber Duck
  • Re-Cycle-Me

    Looking for a gift that reduces the amount of rubbish you have instead of adding to it? Look no further than Re-Cycle-Me. With these fantastic boxes you can start turning trash into treasure! We stock a wide range of boxes that make brilliant gifts for children of all ages fuelling their creativity as well as educating them on the importance of recycling and the impact on our environment.

  • Reka
  • Rubbabu
  • Rudi And Bear
  • Sarah's Silks
  • Sawdust & Rainbows

    Sawdust & Rainbows was established after Rosie built a climbing frame for her son as a safe, child-sized alternative to the metal ladder he was trying to climb. These beautiful climbing apparatuses are still handmade by Rosie in a workshop in Northern Ireland. They allow children to master skills at their own pace by providing a space to for them to practise sitting, standing, cruising and climbing.

  • Smallfoot
  • Sophie La Girafe
    Starting over 50 years ago Sophie la Girafe has captured the hearts of parents and children. A well recognised toy the design remains the same all these years later. Made from natural rubber; using the of the Hevea tree, its is a renewable sustainable source. The production is still a closely guarded secret however there is thought to be 14 manual operations using traditional skills. The use of non toxic paint ensures each teether is a safe, natural teething aid. In recent years the company has expanded into several aspects of childhood including  toys, games and tableware. The recognisable giraffe means children will love the products and develop connections between older and younger siblings and friends.
  • SumBlox

    The World of Maths in a Building Block. SumBlox Building Blocks teach a wide range of mathematics through guided, hands-on discovery in our SumBlox Learning Activities. Learn more about SumBlox here, find answers to frequently asked questions here.  

  • T-Lab

    T-Lab makes original design hand-made wooden products from selected natural materials.

    For example their 'polepole animals'.

    These are hand-carved and painstakingly polished by a team of artisans.
    We are proud of the time it takes them to hand craft the 'polepole animals'.
    That's the reason why the 'polepole animals' are heartwarming items.

    "From our hand to your hand.
    We want to warm people's heart.
    That is T-Lab.'s philosophy."

  • Tegu
  • Tender Leaf Toys

    Tender leaf toys creates gentle, beautifully designed toys that promote learning through play.

    Our Toys traditional in concept but contemporary in design and all our products are made with a distinct focus on craftsmanship and quality.

  • TicToys

    In times of excessive media consumption and low physical activity, TicToys products offer a reason to get moving. Our toys offer a variety of benefits: while playing with the Ticayo and the Tualoop trains hand-eye coordination and concentration, das.Brett emphasizes balance and confidence — all this without the drag of going to the gym!

  • Tidlo

    Established in 2011, Tildo, meaning ‘timeless’ in Danish, produce stunning wooden toys which allow a new generation to access a range of stunning, classic wooden toys.  Each toy is produced in colour coded packaging, clearly indicting the educational skills and physical development the product aims to support.  With a collection which promotes role play and supports educational development, Tidlo Toys are a timeless addition to any toy collection.

  • Utukutu
  • Verneuer
  • Way to Play

    “Let your imagination lead the way!” 100% child friendly, unbreakable and suitable for any surface. A Dutch design made in Germany. Way To Play gives children the tools and space to make up their own game. Segments are easy to connect. The high grade, child safe rubber used to make the track is waterproof too! All the sets can be added to, for open ended limitless fun!

  • Wee Can Too

    Wee Can Too bring art supplies to babies and toddlers by ensuring that all their products are made from fruit and vegetable powders and plant-based ingredients, banishing any worries that the baby might eat the paint!  All art supplies are natural and made from the safest ingredients without chemicals, preservatives or colour additives.  With all colours coming from nature, you can relax as your mini Picasso creates their very first masterpiece!

  • Wild Wood
  • Wodibow
  • Wonderworld

    Wonderworld is a strong advocate of protecting the environment. They insist on using rubber-wood, an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Rubber-wood is harvested as by-product from the culling of rubber trees that are in excess of 25 years of age. These trees no longer produce latex for commercial applications are cut down in order for new rubber trees to be planted. Not only is there no deforestation but every part of the tree is employed to its maximum use.

  • Wood Like To Play

    “Let your imagination lead the way!” 100% child friendly, unbreakable and suitable for any surface. A Dutch design made in Germany. Way To Play gives children the tools and space to make up their own game. Segments are easy to connect. The high grade, child safe rubber used to make the track is waterproof too! All the sets can be added to, for open ended limitless fun!

  • Zoobookoo

    Designer and manufacturer of fun learning toys and games, much loved by parents and children. Their educational toys and games are of the highest quality and affordable.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 4670 items