Scratchcard Events

Previously, we gave out random free gifts with orders during certain events. However, in the interests of Zero Waste (or as close to this as we could get!) we decided to digitise the process.

How it currently works

1. Ensure you are a newsletter subscriber. We cannot send the scratchcards to emails that are set to transactional emailing only. Our newsletters are great, too! But you can always unsubscribe again.

2. Place your order following the criteria for the special event. This usually revolves around spending X amount that must include products from a certain category.

3. When your order is shipped, it will be recorded for the scratchcard. This may take around 12-24 hours as they are processed in batches. Sometimes the event description will say cards will not be sent out until after a certain date.

4. When you receive your scratchcard, keep scratching until you win. There is no limit on how many times you can lose, but you can only win once. Everyone will win eventually!

5. If you win Loyalty Points, these will go into your Reward Account on Yes Bébé. This may take up to 5-7 days.

6. If you win a percentage discount, you will receive a follow-up e-mail with a link you must click in order to redeem. You must be logged in to your site account for this to work as it will generate an account specific code.

7. If you win a free gift, just redeem it with your next order. You will receive a follow-up email with a code reminder, so please don't lose it as it will not go onto your account. To redeem, just enter the code at checkout and the gift will enter your cart as if by magic. If for any reason it doesn't work, please contact customer services before placing your order. Due to the nature of the codes we can't add them to orders.

8. If you return all or part of an order, this may effect your eligibility for a prize. Please see out terms and conditions for more information.

9. Any issues at any time please contact customer services.


1) If opening a savers with the items count?
If the deposit amount is within the minimum spend requirement.

2) If I pay of my savers does that count?
Unfortunately not at this time.

3) How many items from the category do we need to add?

The requirement varies from event to event, but typically 1.
4) Does the order have to consist entirely of the qualifying item?
No, it doesn't unless specified.
5) Is there a limit on the number of eligible orders?
No, there is no limit!
6) I am overseas. Are there any allowances for that?
Please contact customer services for more information.
7) Do sale items count towards the total spend?
Yes, they do unless specified.

Previous Prizes Include (but not limited to...)

Holztiger Pony
Grimm's Natural Rainbow Tunnel
Lanka Kade Spinning Top Fox
Tinti Treasure Chest
SumBlox Sample Pack
Tegu Cubes 4 Pack Yellow
Friendly Soap Tea Tree & Tumeric 95g
Turtle Bag Organic Long Handled String Bag - Black
One Green Bottle 500ml Nude Tough Canteen
Big Jigs Mini Hospital Playset
Tegu 24-Piece Blues Set
Pick n Mix Candle Pumpkin Souffle
Organic Essence Lip Balm Mint 6 gm
Lanka Kade Robot jigsaw
Janod Sound Phone
Eggs for Benedict
15% Off Voucher
£5 Rewards Account Credit
£10 Rewards Account Credit
£20 Rewards Account Credit
Reka Elephant Tray Puzzle
Reka Cat Family 3-Piece Puzzle
Pebble Melt Warmer White
Wonderworld Little Green World
Lanka Kade Pirate jigsaw
One Green Bottle 350ml Powder Black Bottle