Our COVID-19 Statement

Update 1/4/20: Please note we are experiencing delays of up to 4-5 days

Update 27/3/20
Please appreciate we are able to remain open because of our size. Our staff are isolated and only working with people they have been working with for the past month. They are two teams and one team is made up of a household. They do not have contact with anyone else. We are extremely fortunate to have this ability.

Thank you for supporting us. We are still open for business until asked otherwise (please note, we will not be hiring any additional staff, in order to protect our existing workforce who have been practising isolation). We are in constant contact with our local council and if it is asked of us we will close. Until then, we online retail has been encouraged where it can be carried out safely. Our operation is small enough for us to operate safely within social distancing guidelines.

Please understand that all of us have children, including some with very small children, and those of us that work from home will be working slower and less than usual. This means there will be some interruptions and slowing of various services. We really appreciate your understanding at this time. Delivery times may also be interrupted. Orders are subject to longer processing times.

What we are doing for you

We have supplies of soap, cleaning products, and plenty of reusables that are essential during this time.

Where possible we are dropping prices on key items for surviving the time at home. These include (but are not limited to):

and we are reviewing and hope to include more by the end of the weekend.
We also have introduced a "Survive at Home" box, where we will pick items geared towards your needs.
We will also be shortly introducing further Subscriptions on our Subscription site to include weekly activities.

If there is anything you would like to see stocked or back in stock, please contact us immediately!

We also have a range of community groups, our largest being Yes Bébé Babble, we highly recommend joining for support with like-minded people in the same situation.
We also have an Arts & Crafts group and other community groups.
We have ideas on our blog. We have our Books Instragram and Facebook pages, our usual Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as our Twitter and Pinterest feeds.

We love to hear from you, so please do contact :)

Key Points

Customer Services

  • Our phonelines will be suspended until further notice as of close of business 20th March 2020. We have a live chat via Facebook, and quick response to e-mails. Please appreciate this is because our customer service team will have children at home and it is not possible or appropriate for them to manage phonecalls.
  • Priority as an option on checkout will be disabled. But if the order is urgent, please contact Customer Service by e-mail or Facebook, and we will see if it is feasible

The Warehouse

  • Collection from the warehouse is temporarily suspended to minimise risk to warehouse staff, apologies
  • We are only a small team, all our warehouse staff are working mothers, so with the closure of schools and childcare, we will be working a different system, we may not always have the same opening hours
  • The warehouse is cleaned regularly, staff are washing their hands regularly and using hand gel
  • Handovers with delivery parties is done without any need for contact
  • Staff work shifts to prevent overlap and allow for deep cleaning

Anything we can help you with, please do let us know.

Love to you all x

Yes Bebe Team