#ChooseToReuse this Earth Month & Reusable Nappy Week. We will be celebrating ALL of our favourite reusables, from nappies to sanitary products, water bottles to lunchboxes!


Just add anything from our Earth Day or Reusable Nappy Week categories to a basket total of £40 (before VAT) and a free gift will automatically appear in your cart!

  • Re-play recycled plastic trays, bowls, forks and spoons
  • One Green Bottles
  • Various books
  • Everearth animals
  • Puppet Company puppets
  • Smart Craft packs
  • Poppy and Sam activities
  • Bambino Mio charms
  • Skip Hop baby toys
  • Snails nail polish
  • ...and more!


Join us on Yes Bebe Babble this week

Chats about: Reusable nappy financial savings
- Introduction to cloth with Yes Bébé YouTube
- Flash the Fluff competition
Chats about: Concerns about leaks, smell and hygiene 
- Reusable Sanitary Products
- Treasure Hunt Challenge
Chats about: Getting a good nappy fit
- Books about recycling
Thursday (Earth Day)
Chats about: Which nappy style or brand to choose 
- Earth Day and reusables around the home
Chats about: Cloth nappy convenience 
- Swimming nappies and wet bags
- Quiz Night
Chats about: Cloth nappies and their environmental impact
- Design a Nappy Challenge
Chats about: What swaps you have been inspired to make
- Earth Month Pledges


Save up to 30% on your favourite eco-brands.

Applecheeks - 15%
Avo+Cado - 20%
Bambino Mio - up to 25%
Blueberry - 20%
Bright Bots - 15%
bumGenius - 25%
Close Parent - 15%
Ecopipo - 20%
Flip - 30%
Little Lamb - 15%+
Milovia - 30%
Muslinz - 15%
Petit Lulu - 25%
Smart Bottoms - 25%
Thirsties - 25%
Tickle Tots - 25%
Tots Bots - 15%
PLUS 20% off a Slice of Green, Abeego, Eco Chic, Neon Kactus, Qwetch, Ecomended, Fluf, Equa, Keep Leaf, Huskup
PLUS 15% off Beebee Wraps, Bloom & Nora, Turtle Bags, Fabrap, Contigo, Ruby Cup, ImseVimse, Monbento, PlayBio, Green Toys, BioBuDDi
and 10% off One Green Bottle


Choose to Reuse is the general theme for the week - by choosing to reuse, even doing so for one day a week, will make a big difference to reducing reliance on single-use plastic, reducing waste, contributing to carbon savings and cost saving. Change Starts Here.

  • PLASTIC - A day’s worth of single-use nappy usage equates to throwing away 7 plastic bags: 2,555 per year or 6,388 over 2.5 years, per child.
  • WASTE - On average, a baby will have gone through at least 4,000 nappy changes over 2.5 years. If using single-use nappies, these will be sent predominately to incineration or landfill.
  • WASTE - A family using only reusable nappies will generate 99% less waste, than that by a family using single-use nappies.
  • CARBON SAVINGS - The carbon footprint of nappy usage could be reduced by 40% if reusable nappies are used instead of single-use.
  • COST - Families who use reusable nappies can make a financial saving of up to £1,000 over 2.5 years. Further savings can be made if using the same reusable nappies on subsequent children