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  • AppleCheeks
    AppleCheeks cloth nappy products are proudly designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Avo&Cado
  • Baba + Boo

    Baba+Boo began in 2009 when founder Eve had two children under 18 months old. Frustrated that  the ‘nice’ nappies were so expensive, Eve started to design nappies during nap times. She used her experience as a buyer to create a business based on high quality nappies that were gorgeous and affordable.

    Fast forward ten years and this ethos is still behind everything Baba+Boo does - whether it’s nappies and wipes or the reusable ‘For Mama’ range.

    Baba+Boo is all about keeping it simple - simple, easy-to-use nappies with no complicated washing routines or guidelines. Eve’s mantra is that nappies should fit in with you, not the other way round.

    Baba+Boo is an independent business that practices what it preaches - it’s factory operates to high environmental and ethical standards, it offsets its carbon footprint, and retailers receive their orders in beaten-up, reused boxes. Eve’s Dad watched the bin like a hawk when she was growing up, and she’s followed in his footsteps.

    Baba+Boo plays a leading role in spreading the word about the benefits of reusables through Time For A Change - the campaign to make reusables the new normal.

  • Bambino Mio
  • Bambooty
  • Blueberry
  • Bright Bots

    Bright Bots make traditional terry squares up to date and fun with a range of rainbow colours.

  • BumGenius
  • Close
  • Ecopipo
  • Flip
  • Grovia
  • Kangacare
  • Little Lamb
  • Little Lovebum
  • Milovia
  • Muslinz

    Manufacturer of high quality muslins, reuseable nappies and other baby accessories.

  • Petit Lulu
  • Smart Bottoms
  • Tickle Tots

    The Tickle Tots nappy is a super slim, onesize nappy which can be used as an all in one or boosted using the pocket for higher absorbency. Each nappy comes with an additional bamboo booster for boosting but more boosters can be added if required. This is a great nappy for those that love the ease of all in ones but also the versatility of pockets. For every 1000 nappies made Tickle Tots plant a UK native tree!

  • Tots Bots

    All of their nappies, wraps and accessories are made at their own factory in the UK! All of their raw materials, plastic products etc. are ethically sourced. It is of the utmost importance to TotsBots that their products are produced in a fair way. A happy workforce always makes the best products. 

  • Wonderoos

    The original one-size pocket nappy has become a popular choice around the world for good reason. It is very comfy and highly adjustable, fitting babies from birth to potty. Read more. In a 2007 consumer trial Wonderoos outperformed all other reusable nappies tested and as well as 78% of disposable nappies!

    And now it’s even better… the new Wonderoos v3 has fabulous new prints!

    Now available in gorgeous new prints…

    • British designs, exclusive to Wonderoos
    • adorable unisex prints
    • colour co-ordinated snaps for a smarter look
    • trim, sleek shape giving a good fit across the agespan

    The Wonderoos v3 has won numerous Awards, most recently Best Reusable Nappy Gold Award from Gentle Parenting!

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Showing 1 - 18 of 1012 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 1012 items