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Baba+Boo began in 2009 when founder Eve had two children under 18 months old. Frustrated that  the ‘nice’ nappies were so expensive, Eve started to design nappies during nap times. She used her experience as a buyer to create a business based on high quality nappies that were gorgeous and affordable.

Fast forward ten years and this ethos is still behind everything Baba+Boo does - whether it’s nappies and wipes or the reusable ‘For Mama’ range.

Baba+Boo is all about keeping it simple - simple, easy-to-use nappies with no complicated washing routines or guidelines. Eve’s mantra is that nappies should fit in with you, not the other way round.

Baba+Boo is an independent business that practices what it preaches - it’s factory operates to high environmental and ethical standards, it offsets its carbon footprint, and retailers receive their orders in beaten-up, reused boxes. Eve’s Dad watched the bin like a hawk when she was growing up, and she’s followed in his footsteps.

Baba+Boo plays a leading role in spreading the word about the benefits of reusables through Time For A Change - the campaign to make reusables the new normal.


  • Newborn Pocket Nappies

    Baba + Boo newborn nappies are a pocket nappy. Each pocket shell featuring their stunning original designs comes with two inserts, you can use one or both to customise the absorbency. They fasten with high quality hook and loop for a perfect fit and have a fleece lining to keep newborn skin feeling dry and comfortable. Unlike many newborn nappies you can adjust the size using the snaps on the front of the nappy, they should fit most babies between 5 and 18lbs.

  • One Size Pocket Nappies

    Baba + Boo One Size nappies are a pocket style reuseable nappy. They fasten with snaps and are fully lined with fleece to keep baby feeling dry. They also feature a double gusseted leg for added comfort and extra protection against leaks. You can adjust the size of the nappy using the rise snaps on the front of the nappy, they should fit most babies and toddler between 10 and 35lbs. 

    Featuring some of the most stunning prints, Baba + Boo are attractive and eye catching. Each nappy comes with 2 bamboo/microfibre inserts which, when used together, make for a very absorbent nappy. You can customise the absorbency for your baby using inserts from across their range of microfibrebamboo and hemp

    These are incredibly popular, quality and excellent value reuseable nappies.

  • Wet Bags
  • Inserts
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Showing 1 - 18 of 99 items