Piccalilly Alpaca

Alpaca! These cute and fluffy South American camelids are up there with their cousins the Llama for being everyone’s favourite fashionable friend right now.

Piccalilly Spring/Summer 2019 is right on the money with their collection so your little one can wear Alpacas in a variety of ways.

Alpaca Dress
The dress

The simple lines of this stunning summer dress create a loose, comfortable and cool outfit on it’s own. Made from organic cotton jersey this piece features the holy grail in dresses…..pockets! Two pockets for your little ones to collect treasures in while they play. Don’t forget to check them before you wash though! As always Piccallily create clothes to the highest standards, not just in ethics but quality too, so that machine washing keeps them vibrant.

The sleeveless nature of the dress is asking to be paired with a top underneath in cooler weather. We think the Ghita Blouse by Alba in the Seaport Mini Hearts colourway fits the bill perfectly. It picks up on the blues and pinks and with light rose lace details around the neck and raglan sleeves it’s a really versatile, comfortable blouse.

Piccalilly Alpaca Dress with Alba Ghita Blouse
Piccalilly Alpaca Dress with Alba Ghita Blouse

And in a third look, dress down and pick up the yellow of the Alpaca nose by adding this Mustard Stripe. From the same Piccalilly collection the colour match is perfect. It works so well as a wardrobe staple, pretty much a must have! (It’s such a staple in fact see more looks you can create with it here.)

Piccalilly Alpaca Dress and Mustard Stripe Top
Piccalilly Alpaca and Mustard Stripe Look

So that’s the dress….. but have you seen the skort? Yes you read that right! For all your little one’s cartwheeling needs! The integral shorts underneath are in a contrasting blue stripe and the waistband is fully elasticated. Quirky, cute and completely practical: a Spring/Summer essential. It’s hard to resist the matching T Shirt right? Our fluffy friend sits pride of place in beautiful applique and the short fluttery sleeves are a lovely additional feature. Handy hint- up to and including Age 2-3 have poppered shoulders, getting those wriggly little things dressed can be quite the challenge!

Alpaca Piccalilly Set
Alpaca Piccalilly Set

If dresses and skirts (even with hidden shorts!) aren’t your thing may we present the equally adorable Dungarees and Leggings. As with the whole range in this print they lend themselves perfectly to playing ‘Matchy Matchy’! And let’s face it who can resist that for cuteness and an excuse for double Alpaca! The leggings are paired here with the Alba Habian Hood Blouse in Beeswax colourway, a great combination to highlight the yellow in the Alpaca print. (Penguin is model’s own!)

Alpaca Twins
Piccalilly Alpaca

Browse the whole range here. We LOVE to see your little ones in their beautiful Yes Bebe clothing so please do share with us in our Facebook group or tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

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