How to start using Cloth Nappies and stick at it!

If you have been inspired this Real Nappy Week and fancy using cloth nappies

What Would You Rather? 3000 disposables or 15 Cloth Nappies
What Would You Rather? 3000 disposables or 15 Cloth Nappies

but have no idea where to start then read on for Top Tips on how to START and KEEP GOING with Cloth……..

Whether it’s for environmental reasons, reducing your household waste or pretty prints…. whatever the reason it’s time to stop procrastinating and give it a go.

Top Tip Number 1: Chat to someone who knows what they are talking about.

This might be a friend or family member who is using modern cloth nappies (I say modern cloth nappy because everyone will have a relative who has used traditional terry squares and boiled and pinned them. This is really quite a long way away from how we use cloth nappies in 2019). If you are lucky they might even lend you some!

You could visit a nappy library.

UK Nappy Network
UK Nappy Network

Volunteers up and down the country run loaning and demonstration sessions. Click here to see where your nearest one is.

At Yes Bebe we have a nappy advice service. You can ask questions and receive a personalised reply, fill in a questionnaire and get recommendations of what cloth nappy is best for you, based on the individual needs of your family. Regular #ClothChat and #ClothClinics give lots of information on all you need to know to use cloth nappies via video and discussion.


Talking to someone with lots of personal experience that you can trust means that you can ask all the questions you have and have the answers explained in a way that makes sense to you.

Top Tip Number 2: Start small and don’t be scared of cloth nappies.

(If you have never used any kind of nappy before and are about to begin caring for your first child this may not apply….. in this case I would suggest you just go for it!)

If you have been using disposables try not to see cloth nappies as a mysterious world full of code words and secret handshakes. The principle is the same; catch the poo and wee. Take it from me disposable nappies can seem alien when you haven’t bought them before too, numbers and sizes and symbols and different brands can be really confusing. Following Tip 1 means you can get eyes and hands on the nappies which helps massively to understand the terminology and different parts.

Miosolo A Bug's Life Collection
Miosolo A Bug’s Life Collection

You will also learn along the way that it is hardly ever a good idea to pick a cloth nappy, buy enough for full time use and get yourself stuck in the middle. You may be swept up in all the excitement and really want to get going but take your time. It is much better to come to understand cloth nappies properly, make sure you are using them correctly and buy a few of a nappy that suits your needs. If you don’t have a lot of drying facilities you are really going to end up resenting having 20 very slow drying nappies hanging up all over the place.

Once you have a few, just start! Nothing bad is going to happen. Yes, you might get a little leak but a) clothes wash and b) you’ll fit it better next time.

How to fit a cloth nappy
How to fit a Cloth Nappy

It is a bit of a learning curve, there is no lying about that but, what part of parenting isn’t. You aren’t a pro at everything straight away and this is no different.

Top Tip Number 3: Keep an open mind, keep learning and Enjoy!

Even the most experienced cloth nappy users are constantly learning, experimenting and trying new things. Once you are past the teething stage (of your cloth nappy journey, not your ACTUAL baby) and your collection of cloth is growing you can really start to have fun.

  • Mix and match your nappies, you might find new combinations that work really well!
  • Take washing line photos! A little twee maybe but there is no denying it’s a glorious sight all those nappies blowing in the breeze. You can look back on those photos with real fondness and maybe sharing them will inspire others.

    Tickle Tots Washing Line
    Tickle Tots Washing Line
  • Get involved in your local cloth nappy community. Whether that is through regular nappy meet ups, a group of parents who happen to use cloth nappies or a local Facebook group, it’s a great way to meet people and make friends.

Top Tip Number 4: Stop buying disposables and BE PROUD!

When your stash of cloth nappies is big enough just stop buying disposables! You’ll soon see that cloth nappies are appropriate for all situations if you want them to be. Going back to an earlier point, having a range of types of nappy including various inserts and boosters means that even when you are running low and behind on the washing (let’s face it, who isn’t?!) having those two basic components of a nappy: 1. A waterproof layer and 2. An absorbent fabric, means that you can practically conjure a nappy out of nowhere.

Now you are a total Pro, BE PROUD! We are all at different stages of our parenting journeys travelling down many different paths but having chosen this route means that you have done something that really deserves a huge pat on the back!

Well Done from Planet Earth!

BM Planet Earth
BM Planet Earth


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