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Over the years at Yes Bébé a few products have stood out as favourites, best sellers and come to represent us a community. Here are some of our top toys:

Spectra Wooden Swing - Full Colour Yes Bébé Edition
Spectra Wooden Swing – Full Colour Yes Bébé Edition

The Spectra by Utukutu defines multi functional toy. It stimulates the senses, promotes gross motor skills, builds strength and balance. When one beautiful toy can switch between a bridge, a tunnel, a house, a seat, a climbing frame, a slide or a counter it feels pretty magical for a child! Build from birchwood with a weight capacity of 60kg this is a real family toy. From 10 months babies can sit and rock, crawl through and learn to stand and older children can practice gymnastics and balance skills. As there are no games it cannot be incorporated into it really becomes part of the furniture, and a stunning part too! Yes Bébé Edition Spectra is also available in Yes Bébé Blue, Monochrome, Pastel, Ema colourway and Emil colourway.

Sumblox Building Blocks Home Set
Sumblox Building Blocks Home Set

Sumblox need little introduction as they so perfectly epitomise the Yes Bébé Ethic. Number shaped wooden blocks from 1 – 10 where each block represents the number not just in shape but in size and proportion. The 2 is half the size of the 4, the 2 and 3 stacked on top of one another equal the height of the 5…. you get the idea. Immediately the scope for these blocks is obvious, from number recognition and conceptual understanding addition to complex fractions. S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) toys are really important to us and these are perfect. They are suitable for all ages of child and adult but academically best suited to children aged 2-12. Pictured is the ‘Home Set’, there is also the ‘Education Set’ for classroom or multi child use, the ‘Starter Set’ for introducing Sumblox at Home and the ‘Sample Pack’ as a little taster. Supporting materials are available in the form of ‘Activity Cards’ and ‘Lesson Books’. Sumblox are a true investment piece and an invaluable gift.

Ocamora Cala Children's Knife
Ocamora Cala Children’s Knife

When the Ocamora Cala Knife was released at Yes Bébé things went WILD! Check out this YouTube video featuring the gorgeous Diana and Riley to see it in action! Made from Olive wood, each knife is individual with the wood grain taking centre stage. Cala Knifes are treated with a natural (ecological) oil for utensils that are in contact with food. Giving young children the freedom and ability to prepare their own food appeals to the senses, development, independence and a great relationship with food. When this can happen safely with no risk of cutting little fingers….what an opportunity! What a gift!

Wee'Un Folding Climbing Frame by Sawdust and Rainbows
Wee’Un Folding Climbing Frame by Sawdust and Rainbows

Yes Bébé and Sawdust and Rainbows are great friends. Rosie and S&D designs and builds not only the Wee ‘Un pictured here but also The Folding Hump, The Ladder, The Slide and accessories all of which can be used together to create a fantastic indoor playground/assualt course, jungle adventure or wherever the child’s imagination takes them! 

The Wee ‘Un itself is a much sought after and admired Pikler-inspired triangular frame, completely safety tested to the highest standard and awarded a CE mark. It can be used to aid sitting, standing, cruising and climbing and is tested to 50kg. The Wee’un is currently available in Natural, Rainbow, Monochrome and Pastel.

Ocomora Teniques
Ocamora Teniques Wooden Blocks

Teniques are a completely original, timeless, ageless item. Based on the Japenese game ‘Tumi ishi’ of rock stacking Teniques are a joy to play with. Their colour, shape and wooden individuality appeal directly to the senses of even the youngest and oldest of us. Hold, stack, build and incorporate into all kinds of play! Irregular shaped and sized blocks develop and train the sense of balance, motor skills and creativity. Here at Yes Bébé Teniques have become a complete favourite, regularly recommended and praised in our community group Yes Bébé Babble and a perfect way to begin a journey into open ended play. Also available in ‘Ice’, ‘Sand’, ‘Clay’, ‘Volcano’ and ‘Natural’.

Hape Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano
Hape Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano

Children love to make their own music! This First Piano is made from wood and has ‘magic touch’ technology so no need for buttons or keys. Your little one can make their own music or learn to play 6 different familiar songs. No annoying electronic sounds, only ‘real’ piano sounds here! Hape have long been a bestselling brand at Yes Bébé, renowned for high quality toys that inspire play, learning and exploration of the world we live in. This Piano is a perfect example of this and has proven to be a Top Pick in it’s own right. If you fancy starting a ‘magic touch’ band then Hape Baby Einstein Magic Touch Drums are a perfect accompaniment!

men Preschool Set (32 pieces)
Flockmen Preschool Set (32 pieces)

Flockmen have been with us for a long time and are very dear to our hearts. Person shaped wooden figures made from the mightily strong European White Oak are inspired by Montessori and based on Waldorf principles. As your child grows Flockmen will be used in different ways, from simple and advanced construction, tessellation and small world play (these Personalisation Stickers are perfect!) to calendar and numeracy work. Flockmen are also available in a Sample Pack of 5, a Set of 16 and a whopping Set of 100.

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

The Dinkum Dolls from Olli Ella are the latest runaway heroes at Yes Bébé and who on earth could resist them. The gorgeous dolls are soft and snuggly as well as poseable so perfect for play and cuddles. The body measures 35cm and is made from 100% cotton. Each doll comes with its own removable unisex outfit, socks, nappy, and shoes and further accessories are available! Pick your doll from Tiny, Peanut, Sprout, Roo, Poppet and Pumpkin. Dinkum Dolls are in HIGH DEMAND so sign up for stock notifications!

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