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Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright! Poetry

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright! collection of poetry gems selected by Fiona Waters and illustrated by Britta Teckentrup. It’s a colossal book, packed with an animal poem for every day of the year. Each double page is stunningly illustrated just like you’d expect from the wonderful Britta.

How you choose to dive in is up to you. You could pick at a particular animal poem for a topic you are doing or it could be part of your daily rhythm to include some poetry in your day. For us we have afternoon tea with a poem each afternoon. It’s a lovely way to come together in the day.

Take more of a peep inside Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright!

Do take a look through the preview pages below. It’s such a splendid anthology that will be with your family for years and years to come.

Poetry for Children

Poetry is such a powerful form of writing, but one that can be often overlooked. When it comes to fiction novels we categorise, such as crime, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, romance etc. Poetry is often just classed as ‘poetry’, but is so much more multi-faceted than that. Often children and adults will say that poetry isn’t their thing. I’d say, you just haven’t found the type of poetry you love yet. You may adore crime novels, but wouldn’t read a romance genre of fiction. In just the same way it’s about finding the kind of poetry that you or your child will love and resonates with you. Keep exploring, it’s worth the treasure hunt!

I’m going to tell you why poetry is perfect for everyone. Poetry comes in so many forms and there are poems about virtually anything you can imagine. There are poems with rules – such as Haikus and Limericks which some children love as they have a structure to follow, others have no rules at all and poets often break the rules! Some are written in iambic pentameter and others that rhyme. Moreover, it’s such a free method of writing and a great expression of feelings. As a parent I would look to imbue an appreciation of poetry by exposing them to many different forms so that they may choose what they love. In conclusion, a world with poetry in is truly a spellbinding place to gift to your child.

One thing I adore about poetry is the rich vocabulary, the careful selection of a word by the author to perfectly encapsulate their thoughts. Immersion in this wonderful world of words for our children helps transport them to magical places in their imaginations.

Poetry Favourites

We’re continuing to add to our virtual poetry shelves – here are some of our favourites below. Explore more here.

A First Book of the Sea

This is a beautiful introduction to poetry from Nicola Davies, illustrated by Emily Sutton in her dreamy style. A perfect way to introduce children to poetry is through themes that they are already familiar with and love – in this case being by the sea. Reading poetry to children is wonderful and lots of poems that are great for children are not always illustrated. For little ones it really helps for children to begin to understand the building of imagery in their heads as they hear poems with the use of pictures.

As their listening and comprehension skills develop they will begin to be able to enjoy poems that do not have images more and more. Their imagination will conjure up their own images and won’t be limited by the interpretations of the illustrator.

A Year Of Nature Poems

This Wide Eyed publication by Joseph Coelho gives a poem for each month of the year. This would be a lovely way to introduce a new month at home or school through a poem. Older children could learn to recite the poem of the month. Do you remember poems that you learnt to recite from childhood? Which were your favourites?

A Poem for Every Autumn Day

If you’re wanting to dip your toe in the water then this latest Pan Macmillan publication is a great place to start. It’s not illustrated, but would make a perfect read aloud. A real mixture of Autumnal poems and the collator Allie adds wonderful edits to give you snippets of historical information to help you get an understanding of when the poem was set.

A Poem for Every Autumn Day was a featured book at this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival. To find out much more about this beautiful anthology and to hear poems read from the book check out the video below.

The Girl Who Became A Tree

This is an astounding piece of work by renowned poet Joseph Coelho. It’s an incredibly powerful collection of poems that tell a story, a story of Daphne. Suitable from around 13 years +. The video below from the author will give you a little more of an idea about the book. Joseph also goes through how to construct a poem which would be great for secondary age children. At the end of the video he reads from the book – you’ll get goose bumps listening to him read – it’s dreamy! Although a children’s fiction book I would absolutely recommend this to adults too. Such a unique way to explore a story.

Daphne is unbearably sad and adrift. She feels the painful loss of her father acutely and seeks solace both in the security of her local library and the escape her phone screen provides by blocking out the world around her.

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day is coming soon and celebrated on the 1st October and this year the theme is Vision. You can join in using the hashtag #ShareAPoem. There promises to be lots of events to tempt you – for more information click here. We’ll be sure to have a day filled with poetry wonders over in our Facebook Community group too so do make sure to come and join us.

Poetry Competitions

There are competitions that your children can enter their poetry in as well; find details here. UPDATE Firefly Press have a competition open until 21st September 2020 for 7-10 year olds to submit their poems – here’s the link and see the video below for more details.

To find out more about our wonderful Book Club monthly subscriptions head to our blog post here. Subscribers get 15% discount on full priced books on the site.

Images from respective publishers.

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