Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide – Gifts for 1 Year Old Plus

Christmas is fast approaching and whilst it may be the most magical, wonderful time of year it come be overwhelming trying to choose the right gift for your little ones. I’ve pulled together a handy gift guide to help you pick the perfect gift from our amazing selection of gift and toys. Here’s my top choices for 1 year old gifts.

One Year Old Gifts

Children are starting to walk, climb, build and their imagination continues to grow. A great selection of toys to encourage their confidence and imagination.

Grimms Giant Natural Building Blocks

Wooden Blocks

Blocks are an essential child’s toy and a great Christmas present. Blocks are brilliant for children as they learn to stack and sort. As their imagination grows what they create and build with them is amazing. There is numerous brands including Grimms and Lanka Kade available on the site.

Lanka Kade Animals

Wooden Animals are a fantastic gift. As your one-year old imagination develops and their recognition of animals continues to grow they will love these animals for years to come. Great to start a collection, add one or two to a stocking or make a story sack with a treasured book. We also have a wonderful Lanka Kade monthly subscription too.

Creatimber / Balance Boards

Is it a tunnel, a bridge for cars or is it a rocker for children to stand on. A popular Christmas gift, a versatile toy that adults and children will love! There are many different brands available suitable for different budgets. Utukutu engraved ones and Creatimber colourful boards are delighful additions to your home.

Wee Un and Accessories

Fantastic Big-ticket toy for Christmas! A very popular item on the website for Christmas. Suitable for many ages, as they use it to start to stand up, as a den and then as their confidence grows, they climb it. Add the accessories over time – the toy that keeps on giving.

Spectra Wooden Swing – Full Colour – Yes Bébé Edition@attachedmummy


Another Big-ticket item that is a great toy for Christmas. Children can rock and swing on it. Turn it on its side and it becomes a shop or anything their imagination takes. A great toy to play, swing on and children will love this on Christmas morning.

Hape Pound and Tap

Tapping, hitting, making lots of noise, an ideal first Christmas toy. Great for their fine development and hours of fun. This toy is highly recommended in our community for one year olds for presents and gifts along side the Hape Roller Derby.

Indigo Jamm Ride on Bus

A ride on bus a wow Christmas present; they will be running over the house with this on Christmas morning. 

Grimm’s large conical tower /Wankel / stacking towers

At one, stacking and sorting are great skills to be learning, any of these stackers will be popular for Christmas. An educational toy for them to learn new skills.

Little Dutch Rainbows

A beautiful, budget friendly rainbow in wonderful different colours. Perfect to add to a play room. They will stack, build and a really open-ended toy to have under the Christmas tree. 

Grapat Rings, Coins and Seasonal Sets

Great introduction to loose parts play for Christmas. The winter seasonal set is a great Christmas set to add to seasonal displays too. 

Grimm’s Friends in Cups and Grimm’s Friends

Many parents in our Babble community say their one-year old’s will play with these for hours colour sorting and small world play. They are a toy that last well over the years.

Dena – Silicone Deluxe Rainbow @familyinmissio

Dena Rainbow

Silicone toys can be used in water, outdoor play or however their imagination takes them. Beautiful colours will catch their attention on Christmas morning. 


Magnifiers, mirrors, colour panels – great toys for one-year olds who are learning the world around them: colours; shapes and mirrors. My now four year old loves his magnifiers.

Gift A Subscription

Giving the gift of a subscription is a thoughtful way to spread out the gift giving over a year (or any period of time you would like). Our subscription service means you can build your own bundle and you are in control too subscribe for as little or as long as you want. Books, toys and crafts, there are so many options to go for with something for everyone. Choose the gift of wonderful books, toys and craft parcels for your creative little or not so little ones. Our Book Club also has categories up to 14 years +.

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