Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide – Gifts for 3 Year Old Plus

Christmas is fast approaching and whilst it may be the most magical, wonderful time of year it come be overwhelming trying to choose the right gift for your little ones. I’ve pulled together a handy gift guide to help you pick the perfect gift from our amazing selection of gift and toys. Here’s our top choices for 3 year old gifts.

Three Year Old Gifts

Role play becomes a large part of a three year old’s life. They love everything and anything. The right educational toys will delight them and help excel them in learning. The best toy for a three year old is one that plays to their existing strengths whilst they develop new ones.

Black’s Toys

As a Child’s imagination grows, Black’s Toys are great for adding additional scenes to their small world set ups. If they love dinosaurs The Volcano and The Dune are perfect for small world play, while The Glacier and The Iceberg will bring Winter scenes and adventures to life.

Toy Kitchen and Food

Children will love to play chef and copying their parents in this wonderful gift. There are lots of kitchens to suit different budgets on the website, and plenty of kitchen equipment, accessories and wooden food so they can whip up and serve their favourite meals.

Maileg Mice

Maileg Mice

These adorable little mice and accessories are a great gift for any child (recommended over 3). They are brilliant for small world play, taking out on adventures and would be lovely to add to a stocking. 

Lanka Kade Ark

A beautiful WOW gift for Christmas. There are different designs, colours and sizes to suit different budgets and tastes. Also plenty of animals and a boat (which can double as storage too). 

Holztiger, Ostheimer and Tender Leaf Animals

Wooden animals and figures are perfect for this age and can be incorporated into so many types of play. Children will want to collect and play with them for years to come. There are lots of different designs to choose from and figures range from animals we might see everyday, or have in the home, to exotic and mythical creatures. They are a great Christmas gift for any animal lover. 


A great toy to open on Christmas day. There are lots of different options on the site, from the Lanka Kade barn (with or without animals) to the Drewart Cowshed and many more. A farm is a great centrepiece for a small world set up.

Train Table and Sets

Train tables and sets are always popular and make fantastic gifts that last for years. There is even a Christmas Big Jig special train, which would be great gift for a stocking.  The Hape Grand City Station is an ideal gift for any train loving child; a real wow present to add to any train set. 


Dinkum Dolls and Accessories

These have been a hugely loved product. A range of lovely dolls who can become a child’s best friend. Different clothes and accessories are available to enhance play and make them a perfect toy for Christmas morning. 

Hape Fire Station / Rocket / Castle

These sets will encourage a child’s imaginative and small world play. Whatever their favourite obsession is – firefighting, space, castles – these toys will really capture their imagination.

Hape Emergency Services HQ

A perfect gift for any emergency services’ lover. They will have great fun driving the vehicles around and it’s a wonderful addition to play alongside the Hape Train sets.

Hape All Season Furnished House

There are as many ways to play with this house as there are families in the world. Six rooms, movable stairs, and a reversible Winter/Summer themed, solar-paneled roof inspire year-round activities. The house features four complete room furniture sets; master bedroom, family bathroom, media room, and kitchen. Children can play with this for hours. You can add a family of dolls, mice, or peg people and watch them act out all kinds of adventures.

Grapat Mandala Pieces – @woodentoyart

Grapat Mandala Sets / Lola

The Grapat Lola set is stunning open-ended toy and the mandala pieces are fantastic for all kinds of small parts play. They are a toy that will be played with for years and will encourage imaginative thinking.  

Grimm’s sets – Lion or Other Large Sets eg. Large Stepped Pyramid

These large building sets are extremely popular for children to create and build big constructions.  These are fantastic sets to add to other building blocks and combine together and watch their creations evolve.

Grimm’s Rainbow/ Semi Circles

Perfect to add to a play room. They will stack, build and are a really open-ended toy to have under the Christmas tree. Add the semi circles for more possibilities with open ended play.   

Orchard Toys

A great range to start to teach children how to play games, match, and work as a team. Orchard Toys have been creating colourful, educational games and jigsaws for over 40 years. Made in the UK their boards are 100% recycled and the paper they use is sourced from sustainable forests.  Their games will bring together the whole of the family to make learning fun. Christmas isn’t Christmas without some family games! Compact mini games, classics and originals will all become firm favourites. 



This brand always provides open ended toys to inspire creativity in children and allow children of all ages (and adults too!) to play together and let their imaginations go wild. Great for children to play with each other or with adults

Coach House Woodworks

A new addition to the site. Brilliant options for educational gifts and educational toys for preschoolers. They can learn numbers, emotions, letters and much much more.

Splashology Kits

A perfect gift for any child who would love mixing, sorting and water play.  

Guide Craft Treasure Tubes

For a child who loves to sort and find treasure. A great gift for a nature lover. 

Olli ella Holdie Folk and Casa Clutch Bags

Holdie Casa Baskets and Holdie Folk

Adorable small Holdie figures and house baskets. Perfect for children who love small world play and collecting and transporting small items. Buy a single favourite figure or collect the whole range. 

Work Benches and Tool Sets

These are fantastic for children to work on their fine motor skills, copying adults to learn to repair and build. A great toy for Christmas for any budding builder. Our favourite is the Hape Master Workbench.

Doctors Kits

A great toy set for children to role play. A lovely gift for any 3-year-old that will encourage a nurturing side as they look after their dolls, friends or cuddly toys. From Janod to Le toy Van there several different options.


Fantastic wooden magnetic blocks inspiring endless creations from vehicles to robots. A really open-ended toy for children to play with and the smaller sets are ideal for keeping little ones entertained when out and about.  


Big Jigs, Hape and Eeboo are some of the fantastic brands we have available. Puzzles are great toys for encouraging logical thinking, strategy and creative play. The small Eeboo puzzles are a great size to add to a stocking. 

Magic Wood Tree House

A really unusual wooden play tree house, perfect for imaginative play with wooden peg people, dolls, Maileg mice and Ambrosius flower fairies.  Children big and small will love one of these magical houses to open on Christmas morning. 

Gift A Subscription

Giving the gift of a subscription is a thoughtful way to spread out the gift giving over a year (or any period of time you would like). Our subscription service means you can build your own bundle and you are in control too subscribe for as little or as long as you want. Books, toys and crafts, there are so many options to go for with something for everyone. Choose the gift of wonderful books, toys and craft parcels for your creative little or not so little ones. Our Book Club also has categories up to 14 years +.

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