National Princess Day at Yes bebe!

Today is National Princess Day, so we thought it so would be handy to share our top 10 Princess related toys in time for Christmas! The joy of open ended toys is that absolutely ANYTHING can become a Princess! However, if you’re looking for something a little more specific, be sure to have a look at our list below!

Top 10 Princess Toys at Yes Bébé

1. First up we have this adorable bath toy set from Janod! Perfect for splashing about in water or for on dry land! The unicorn has an extra special magic trick… It lights up! A lovely gift for the princess and unicorn lovers in your life. Whether thats on National Princess day or Christmas!

Janod Squirter Princess & Luminous Unicorn Bath Toy – £7.99


2. Okay, so this next one isn’t a toy. It is, however, a stunning interactive story book about a beautiful princess! A perfect Christmas gift for any princess lover! All The Story Orchestra books have different Classical music that goes with the story, just press the button to hear the beautiful music and help the story come to life! Perfect for story time on National Princess day!

The Story Orchestra: The Sleeping Beauty – Katy Flint – £14.99

3. Another fabulous product from Janod! This time we have the magical Magneti-book princess game! Challenge yourself to create the scenes from the cards, or why not try making your own royal masterpiece?!

Janod Princess Magneti’book – £17.99


4. Next up, the Ostheimer Rainbow Castle set! This Big Ticket item is perfect for those who love to build and create their own play scenes! The handcrafted set comes with plenty of beautifully finished blocks in stunning rainbow colours. Let your imagination run wild with this wonderful open ended toy! There are even some royal figures to live in your castle once you’ve created your imaginative masterpiece!

Ostheimer Rainbow Castle Set – £89.96

5. Another beautiful building set, this time from Glückskäfer. This set, like the Ostheimer one, comes in beautiful bright colours! Made of high quality lime wood. Use the pieces to build whatever your heart desires – A Palace? A Dungeon? If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Glückskäfer Castle – Blue
– £39.95

6. More magical magnets from Janod! This time, we have a magnetic wall sticker. The Janod Princess Magneti’Stick is made up of 4 sheets to assemble and comes with 30 magnets! This is a big one, totalling 140 x 100 cm when fixed on the wall! A perfect feature wall for any little princess’s bedroom or play area! Celebrate National princess day in style!

Janod Princess Magneti’Stick – £42.79

7. Another brilliant magnetic toy, Bigjigs fantasy magnets are a wonderful way to encourage creative story telling. These magnets are carefully crafted from wood with magnetic backs and go brilliantly with the Bigjigs Magnetic Board! They also work great on the fridge and would make a great stocking filler!

Bigjigs fantasy magnets – £10.10

8. Finger puppets! These Goki Le Petit finger puppets will make a brilliant stocking filler or story sack addition. They are soft, well fitting and offer great storytelling opportunities!

Goki Le Petit Finger Puppets: The Frog King
– £6.55

Dress up

9. This Maileg Dress up Princess Corsage is simply ADORABLE! What better way to play Princesses, than to become one yourself?! Wear with any skirt, tutu or dress (or trousers!) to be instantly transformed into your own fairytale character.

Maileg Dress Up – Rose Princess Corsage – 6/8 years – £25.50 £6.38

10. Last, but certainly not least, the Fabelab Dreamy Cloud Tiara! Made from organic cotton with a polyester filling, this beautiful and soft tiara is perfect for playing princess! If you want to become a fairy princess, you’ll also want to check out these gorgeous Fabelab Wings that go perfectly with this tiara!

Fabelab Dreamy Cloud Tiara – £11.95

We hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at some of our favourite princess products! What’s your favourite? Be sure to let us know in the comments! You can also look at some activities to do on National princess day to make a day of it!

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