Our Must Haves For Christmas Eve Boxes

I love the tradition of giving Christmas Eve boxes on Christmas Eve. The excitement is brimming, children can’t wait to see what has arrived in their stockings or whats in their presents under the christmas tree.

Christmas eve is probably my favourite day in the festive season, we wrap up warm go and look at Christmas lights. Or we go and get some fresh air and this box is then waiting for us to open when we get home. A wooden box is a great thing you can reuse every year.

Here is some of my favourite things to pop in our Christmas Eve boxes

New Pyjamas

Who doesn’t love a new set of pyjamas to cuddle up to and get all cosy. We have the incredible Toby Tiger festive friends. What’s not to love about new pj’s and remember these don’t just have to be for Christmas. Wear them all year round.

We also have the beautiful Little Green Radicals Winter Walk. Which you can find here alongside the rest of the range we have available.

You can find them all here.

Board games

Sit around together on Christmas eve playing a game as a family. We have the amazing peaceable Kingdom Co-operative games where you have to work together to achieve the game. Orchard Toys also have an amazing selection of games you can sit and play together. Bringing the family together is what Christmas is all about. Which is why we think they are a must have for Christmas Eve boxes. See the games we have here.

Christmas Book

My favourite thing to gift on Christmas Eve is a book. We have the Night Before Christmas which we keep aside each year to pop in the Christmas eve box to read before bedtime. We then pop out our Carrot and drink for Father Christmas and his reindeer. There is such a fabulous range of Christmas books on the site. Classics such as The Night before Christmas to new out this year books such as Santa’s post. So pop one in your Christmas Eve boxes to read at bedtime.

Hot chocolate spoons

Perfect to curl up with their christmas book. A warm cosy hot cocoa. Sounds perfect to me!

Festive Figures

These are a fantastic item to add to the box. It could be the Lanka Kade Christmas figures or you could add some artic animals such as penguins or polar bears to set up a small world play with these winter animals.

A small cuddly toy

A Christmas Maileg Mouse or the Grinch we have such a huge array of plush toys to suit everyone’s taste.

A new decoration

We have a tradition in our house that we get all get one new Christmas decoration every year and my small one gets his on Christmas eve in his Christmas eve box to hang up on the tree. I adore the best years Dinosaur decorations!

Arts and crafts

Sets are a great thing to add to a box to keep busy on Christmas Eve be it a magic paint book or a crafting set to make decorations. There is so many different ideas on the site to keep them entertained.

Whatever you choose to gift in your Christmas Eve boxes, I am sure they will enjoy opening it up and exploring the different gifts inside. Are Christmas Eve boxes part of your annual traditions?

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