Where Snow Angels Go – Book Of The Month

I was super excited to see this much anticipated book ‘Where Snow Angels Go’ be the children’s indie book of the month. It is a truly beautiful children’s book published by Walker Books on 5th November 2020.

The Story

Where snow angels go by Maggie O’farreell and illustrated by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini is a beautiful book about a little girl Sylvie. A story about a snow angel visiting her in the night and how he is there and to look after her as Sylvie is not as well as she seems. Many months later as she recovers she longs to see the snow angel again. After all he had saved her life. There is so much she wants to tell him and so many things to ask. Can she make sure everyone has their own snow angels to protect them ?

A beautiful hardback illustrated book aimed for children five years and older. We follow the story of Sylvie in a modern fairy tale about the bravery of a little girl and the miracle of a snowy day. An enchanting, magical tale that will be wanted to be read time after time.


The story is inspired by the authors daughters. In relation to her experience after her daughter had a severe anaphylactic shock reaction (due to her having an immunology disorder). They were on the way to the hospital in the back of the ambulance she was suffering from the symptoms of this allergic reaction. Like swollen lips and difficulty breathing. She also suffered from another symptom her heart rate drops and she suddenly got really really cold. Maggie told her daughter a story about a snow angel to stop her from panicking whilst on the way to hospital. It was to help her understand with a metaphor explaining what was happening. The coldness was a snow angel wrapping his arms around her. This helped her daughter understand and get through this scary time.

This book is far from lightness and laughter, with the author believing we should talk about themes such as fear of loss and death. This is to help encourage the children to understand and cope with difficult situations. The author Maggie suffered from a childhood illness which in turn made her very poorly. Some of the experiences in the book can be related to these times for her.

The illustrations in this book are incredibly beautiful and stunning. You really do need to see them for yourself to see the exquisite detail.

A book that children and adults of all ages should read this winter.

You can find the book here.

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