Bigjigs – Commitment to Sustainability

Range of FSc toys from Bigjigs in attractive colours

In 2020, Bigjigs showed their commitment to sustainability. They released their new FSC® Certified eco-friendly toys: certified materials from sustainably managed forests. Of course, sustainability is not new to the company, but this is their first certified range.

They are continually working towards improving their environmental credentials. From the generation of their own power down to recycling the waste milk bottles from their kitchen. Did you know they have they have 216 solar panels on their roof? This helps them become more eco friendly not just through their toys but the power in their buildings too! They limit the environmental impact wherever they can.

Bigjigs Toys hold child development and education at the heart of everything they do. Their mission statement – to deliver quality, safe and affordable products. Their products are responsibly sourced and complement childhood development. Fun, exploration and learning.

What is sustainable forestry?

The FSc mark means wood is tracked from Forest to Store. This ensures that every step of the journey is environmentally friendly with the commitment to sustainability. The label guarantees that trees used in the products are replaced or regenerate naturally. It also ensures wood sourcing maintains the forest biodiversity and ecological processes which gives the top level of protection for endangered species.

At Yes Bébé it is important for us to make eco-friendly options widely available to our customers. The Bigjigs eco-friendly toy range is a great range of toys at affordable prices. Together we can secure a future for our planet.

Selection of FSC wooden animals from BigJigs

The toys

The FSC range is made of smooth and sturdy wood in a soft colour palette that is stimulating for little pairs of eyes. Invoking a Scandi “hygge” feeling, with woodland animals and traditional ideas. Loved by not only little ones but by us adults too, these toys won’t go out of fashion. They can be passed down children to children for years to come without sacrificing commitment to sustainability.

These toys make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas or similarly a gift for a new baby. With hours of fun to be had this an ideal range of toys to check out.

The range includes a Noah’s ark which is a classic Christening or first birthday gift. This comes complete with elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, lions, bears, rabbits as well as Noah and his wife. Wooden blocks that are an excellent way to introduce little ones to their numbers. And classic push along toys, all made from sustainably sourced wood that is built to last. I think they are great classic toys to add to any playroom.

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