Wet bags – Not just for Nappies!

Baba and Boo Wetbags

Wet bags have been well known for years as storage for wet and soiled nappies. But they aren’t just wet bags any more they are amazing waterproof storage bags and a must have for parents. We have come up with a (non-exhaustive?!) list of alternative uses for these fabulous bags.

Wet bags in a washing machine

Our handy alternative uses for wet bags

  1. Swimming Bag – great to pop wet swimming kit in after a play in the pool.
  2. A sealable bin for your car – this is so handy with all the snacks being demanding in our car. Once finished with pop the rubbish straight in here.
  3. CSP – perfect for your hand bag , pop a couple of them in there . Use one for clean pads and one for used pads ready for the wash
  4. Reusable wet wipes – use in your changing bag, one for clean wipes and one for used dirty wipes ready for the wash.
  5. Wet umbrellas – this is great for storing your wet umbrella in your handbag without the rest of your bag getting wet.
  6. Make up bag- If your bag is anything like mine you can never find the lip gloss or mascara. Pop it all in a small wet bag and its at hand.
  7. Soiled Clothes – Out in the forest or gone for a paddle in the stream or jumped in muddy puddles. Pop them off and store the dirty clothes in the wet bag.
  8. First aid kit – great to pop plasters, antibacterial gels and wipes etc in for any little accidents.
  9. Travel documents – When you are able to travel abroad on holidays , great to find the boarding passes and passports quickly in your bag.
  10. Toiletry bag – perfect for sleepovers , trips and holidays. Pop your shampoos and shower gels in and because they’re waterproof it stops any leak. They are perfect for hand luggage.
  11. Muddy Wellies – Out on an adventure, stop your car being covered in mud afterwards. Just pop them in a bag and keep the car and seats clean.
  12. Medication – Have to take regular medication or for instance you carry an epi-pen keep them safe in your bag.
  13. Storing menstrual cup – need a handy safe place to keep your cup pop it in your wet bag for safe keeping.
  14. Beach trip -Pop the sun cream, keys , phone and more in the wet bag. Which keeps the sand at bay and keep them safe.
  15. Sports kit – Do you or your children take part in a sports team? Or do you go to the gym? Also a great use for a PE Kit for school and as they come with a handy hook it fits perfectly on a peg.
  16. Spare clothes in car or for nursery – Great for a spare set for nursery because my little one loves making a mess so useful for a set of clean clothes. Also a good idea to pop one in the car boot for adventures.
  17. Forest school – When you have to pack lots of clothes for forest school so it’s great to have some spare handy for putting dirty wet clothes in.
  18. Laundry bag – When travelling a great bag to add in your suitcase for dirty laundry.
  19. Dog treat pouch – If you are taking the dog out for a walk just pop some dog treats in it.
  20. Hot water bottles – Want to add an extra layer of protection to hold a hot water bottle pop it in a wet bag.
  21. Ice pack – Pop some ice inside and its perfect to pop on any bumps and bruises.
  22. Changing bag – Don’t want to take a separate changing bag out use a wet bag and add it to your bag.
  23. Gift – Want a new baby gift pop some goodies in – maybe a new nappy and wipes – and use it as reusable gift wrap
  24. Bath toys – Great for helping to keep them all in one place.
  25. Arts and Crafts storage – I’m not sure if its just me but I need bags to keep all our messy bits nice and safe and not all over my floor.
  26. Sippy cups and bottles – If you have a cup or bottle that you can’t be sure won’t leak in your bag pop it in a wet bag and taa-dah nice and safe.
  27. Kitchen – store wipes, reusable kitchen roll or any other bits and bobs you need storing.
  28. Packed lunches and picnics – With the summer fast approaching, take your picnic blanket and store your food in here too.
  29. Toy storage – Great for you go out and about, add some of their favourite toys to the bag and bring them out all stored safely.
  30. Hospital bag – Pop nappies, wipes, new baby outfits or even clean fresh clothe for mum in a wet bag. Great to help make a stay in hospital easy and be able to find the outfits you need quickly.
  31. Potty training – When you need plenty of pants, clothes and somewhere to store wet clothes. Can I say anymore because I know when we hit this stage we needed plenty of clothes.
  32. Wrap or Sling Storage – Need somewhere to carry a sling or wrap not in use? Keep them safe in here because of their great size a XL/ large wet bag can store one of these.
  33. Straws – We love using reusable straws here and try to take them with us when we go out. We pop ours in a wet bag clean there for keeping them safe from the crumbs of my bag.
  34. Tablet or Laptop – Haven’t got a bag for your laptop or tablet? Pop it in a wet bag to keep it free from scratches and ALL the crumbs.
  35. Masks – Use them to store facemasks when your are out and about, in your handbag or for instance in a school bag for your older children when they’re moving around the school ground.

There you have it. Our handy list of things to use them for…. What did we miss? Have you got any uses that we haven’t used?

In case you can’t tell we are huge fans of wet bags here!

Wet bag on a back door
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