Block Play

Building blocks are in my opinion one of the best educational toys you can get your toddler or child.

Whether you are building a castle or a farm or even a house use blocks , they are such an open ended toy that every preschooler and toddler needs.

Block toys are simple construction toys, some made of wood , some may be more complex with interlocking pieces. But whatever form they take, blocks can function as powerful learning tools that can help children develop:

  • motor skills and hand-eye coordination,
  • spatial reasoning,
  • creative Thinking
  • engineering skills
  • problem solving

Children go through different stages of block play.

  1. Discovery when they are small this is where they are touching and finding blocks may be from a treasure basket. Starting to make piles and knocking them down.
  2. Repetition learning to build towers vertically and horizontally
  3. Bridges children start to learn that if they put two blocks apart and one on top they create a bridge.
  4. Enclosures – this is where their imaginations start to open up. They’re creating houses, fences for animals and so forth. Measuring and Spatial reasoning is becoming big concepts for children
  5. Patterns, shapes, sorting and matching and making elaborate patterns. Their imagination gets bigger and bigger and they are creating bigger and more exciting designs. Symmetry plays a big part in this play.
  6. Pretending planning and thinking with their skills they have learnt from block building they will use the blocks to play in a magical way as they use it to take in to play in the world around them.

As a young child they will be happy with a simple set of bricks as they get older and develop skills they will need more creative shapes and sets to help encourage their imaginations.

We have a fantastic ranges of blocks available on the site from Sumblox to Block Play there is something for everyone.

Block Play is a STEM building block system made from eco friendly bamboo. Includes 37 pieces and 1 set of activity cards.

What is so good about them?

  • Revolutionary design stimulates and supports brain development.
  • They are mathematically calibrated meaning there is more ways of playing with them. You can play with the sets together to create bigger designs and builds.
  • Build from imagination or copy from the examples included.
  • Kindles creativity, invention, and problem-solving.

They are also so much bigger then you expect for building blocks and the different styles of blocks to play.

Insert video from their site?

We are huge fans of the Block Play blocks and the creativity that comes from playing with them. The wonderful stages of playing with blocks encourages play for many years with them.

There is different sets available from building blocks to Chassis to add to the blocks for making vehicles. Fences for helping to create small world play.

What are you waiting for !? Find Block Play Here


Not only are these a great Maths resource but they can also be used for building creations. Children will love the number blocks made in different sizes so for example 2 blocks of 3 will be the same size as a 6.

So not only can you learn and practice Maths you can create building designs with it.

They are the perfect size for small hands and are a great educational math resource for primary school students.

Grimms Blocks

Grimm’s have a range of blocks from the 36 cubes to the 1001 Nights. They are brilliant for a range of different types of blocks for children of all ages. The coloured ones are stained which means they stack better then painted ones for small hands. The variety of shapes means they are blocks that will last for years of play.


Fabulous sensory coloured and different shaped blocks perfect for small ones who are learning colours and stacking towers and playing with the blocks. These come in smaller sets which are great to gift to small ones and to pop in to a sensory basket.

The best bit about blocks is that you can have an array of blocks from different brands and incorporate play with them all. Build towers, houses and patterns with them all.

You can shop all blocks here

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