Recycled Plastic find out more about repurposed and recycled plastic.

I tend to think oh I shouldn’t buy that as its plastic When I look through plastic toys. Then when I looked in to some of the products available on the site, I found some incredible products.

I am going to go through a few of my favourite brands of recycled plastics products. Not only toys but homeware too.

Recycled plastic Toys

Green Toys

Green toys manufactures eco friendly children’s toy in the USA. They have a strong supply chain in which they guarantee great quality local sourced toys. They stop plastic going to landfill and rubbish and use this to make toys. This also reduces the carbon footprint. All whilst making some incredible toys.

Green Toys want to be the most trusted provider of environmentally and socially responsible toys. The main is to products good for earth whilst being fun toys for children to play.

I love that they not only use milk bottles as the main recycled plastic product but also yogurt pots too.

How are products made by Green Toys?

All the plastic is collected by waste management, cleaned, shredded into flakes, reprocessed into our raw material, and then mixed with food-safe, mineral-based colouring.

I love green toys products. They are not only great fun but they also of great size and great quality. Some of my favourites are the Sea plane which you can pop in the bath or swimming pool too! And the fire truck too. I love that as they’re plastic they are super to play in water, sandpits and the outdoors.

Green toys

Find out more about Green Toys Here

Eco Nation Recycled Plastic Soft Toys

Did you know that Eco Nation have a range of soft ( yes soft! ) cuddly toys made out of plastic bottles even the inside fibre fill. How amazing is this?! Each soft toy is made out of approximately 8 x 500ml recycled plastic bottles. The eye on the toys have been embroidered on which means there is no plastic needed to be used on the eyes and makes them suitable from birth.

Me and my son adore soft toys. I love that they have managed to make super soft toys out of plastic. I would gift these toys for Christmas’ or birthdays or even as a new baby gift. The range is here


We are huge fans of Re-Play at Yes Bébé. I love the bright rainbow colours of the tableware. Perfect for not just children and adults. Our collection at home is getting bigger and bigger.

The tableware is made from recycled milk containers in the USA. They are brilliant tableware as we have used and reused them and they are still perfect condition. The price point of these are brilliant affordable prices and made to stand the test of time.

Picture from @cornishmumma17

Originally starting out with just a few children’s tableware products in a handful of colours, Re-Play has since expanded its offering to include a wide range of colours as well as “grown-up” sizing .

I have found the plates adult and children sizes are the perfect size. The segregated divided plate – which are perfect for separating out food, especially if they are fussy like my little boy and likes his food separated out. They are great for snack plates or the bowls are great for snacks and movie night treats!

I love that you can use them for picnics or for parties. How brilliant would that be for birthday parties rather then chucking away numerous paper plates, which you keep these and wash up and reuse?

Did you know that Re-Play has now saved more than 45 million milk containers from landfill. 


I couldn’t write this blog without mentioning a few of my favourite books

The range has not only seas but trees and bees too. Recycled cardboard makes a great use for the ever popular lift the flap books. We love lift the flap books in our house and they’re great to learn about our planet.

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