Autumn books to get you back to nature this season

I’m a huge fan of autumn, the nights drawing in, the crisp leaves on the floor. There is something quite special about it. For me it’s the perfect opportunity in the darker evenings to sit and read a story with a cup of hot chocolate!

There is such a great selection of books to get us in the mood ready for the next season. From non fiction to poems and more. I’m going to show you some of my favourites for children this autumn.

Little Country Cottage: An Autumn Treasury of Recipes & Crafts & Wisdom – Angela Ferraro-Fanning & AnneliesDraws

Imagery from @quartokids

This is a must have book for little ones this autumn perfect for children who have started school. A really great hands on autumn treasury. Learn how to make pumpkin muffins and homemade apple chips, discover crafts like making a woven basket, and start projects like growing a herb garden!

An ideal seasonal book to get excited about, with lots of little facts and wisdom, it’s a really dreamy book to have this autumn. (And if they enjoy this, the winter one is available too)!

Little Goose’s Autumn

One for little animal lovers, when autumn comes around some animals prepare themselves for the colder weathers. Read as little goose sees beavers chopping up wood, squirrels hiding nuts. What does this little goose need to do? She realizes her wings weren’t built for chopping wood, or burying food, or building a den, but they were built for something magnificent – they were built for flight . . .

A brilliant book to learn about seasons and how different animals get ready for autumn. Including those like goose who migrate in the cooler weather.

The Leaf Thief

Squirrel is so cross. Yesterday there were loads of beautiful leaves on his tree, but today? Today some are missing and Squirrel is convinced that someone has stolen them…

There’s a leaf thief on the loose! Join Squirrel on a mission to find the culprit, and meet so many fun animals on the way, while you find out how the world takes on different colours as the months pass by.

My son absolutely adores this one! we have to read it time and time again. Who doesn’t love an adorable squirrel.

I Love the Seasons – Autumn

This one is a perfect book for non fiction fans written in the style of a picture book young children can explore the season of autumn. It is ideal for new readers in it’s simple text format. The style of the book encourages children to look at their own experiences in autumn to understand what they can see change out in nature. A great book to start talking together about seasons.

50 Things to Try in Autumn

A wonderful positive journal style activity book aimed for children around 6 years+. Packed with lots of mindful activities to help embrace the change and enjoy seeing autumn, get in the mood for Halloween. Such a beautiful book to get excited about autumn, who can resist it? Even better it’s ideal to take out and about on little autumn adventures with you, with a gloss cover and a little elastic string to remember your page and a little back pocket to hold your little natural treasures you can’t go wrong. With 50 ideas to try from bird feeding to spotting mushroom. There is something for everyone to try.

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