Bloom & Nora

Bloom & Nora is the sister company of TotsBots and takes inspiration from Amelia Bloomer, an early American feminist and fierce advocate and supporter of the Victorian Dress Reform, and want to encourage people to have their period in comfort and style whilst protecting the environment.

Bloomers are bold and beautiful reusable pads to brighten up your dreary period days. Perfect for those who prefer natural fabrics next to skin. The unique stay dry binding is the perfect barrier against leaks and keeps everything in the absorbent bamboo core.

Down with the indoor airer! You can be loud and proud and hang Noras on the line. If bright-whites are more your cup of tea, then Nora reusable sanitary pads are for you. They have a soft stay dry interior that also repels stains and will keep them looking in tip-top condition for years to come.
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