Kid Essence help parents provide a healthy environment for their children that stimulates learning through play while building their self-esteem.

Their toys promote creative, imaginative, and unplugged play. Custom dolls promote imaginative play, build self-confidence and offer security to your children. These kids have a doll that looks like them and speaks specifically to them in their imagination, comfort level, and phase of learning and expression.

Travel chalkboards and lap desks allow a child to create in an environment that may have them physically contained. Even though they may be stuck in a car for 7 hours, their imagination does not have to be contained, and they can create, problem-solve, and imagine without limits.

Stuffed animals and loveys offer the same play experience as our dolls. These animals are the lion and fox that come to life at the zoo in the living room. They are the creatures in the children’s books that our kids remember reading about. They come to life to continue that story.

Baby blankets begin as warmth and comfort for the littlest ones and turn into tents for fort building, capes for flying, and make dens for hideaways as these babies grow into childhood. They provide comfort from the shadow in the dark room, familiarity during sleep time, and a sense of possession with a blankie that is just theirs.

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