Sun Wreath Building Blocks - Set of 4 by Regenbogenland
Sun Wreath Building Blocks - Set of 4 by Regenbogenland

Sun Wreath Building Blocks - Set of 4 by Regenbogenland

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With our unique wooden blocks, girls and boys create beautiful structures and let creativity flow. In addition, formal games such as the sun wreath playfully encourage conceptual thinking and spatial imagination. Our wooden blocks from the "Sun Wreath" series are also decorated with colourful "precious stones" made of acrylic glass, which make children's eyes shine.

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Our rainbow land building blocks and wooden toys are all "Made in Germany" and are sustainably produced in German workshops for the disabled. We use 100% local wood and have been doing this for over 30 years!

The assembly illustrations show the ideas for combining this article with other Rainbow Land products (RBL elements, figures, scarves).

  • 4 elements in gear shape
  • Ø 25cm outside
  • H 5cm x W 5cm
  • Material: beech plywood and acrylic glass

Equipped on both sides with 80 faceted, colorful glitter stones.

(Translated from German)

Inspired by the teaching of Maria Montessori - "The child as a builder of himself" - I work since 1980 working closely with educators and children. Our building materials playfully encourage this conceptual thinking and spatial imagination without making ready-made specifications. Coloured elements made of wood and acrylic glass give the imagination plenty of room for your own interpretations.

In this way, different cultures and architectures combine to form a new creative universe. Our elements are based on the dimensions of the Fröbel building blocks. Easy to use enables all children quick success in building castles, palaces, labyrinths, caves, Landscapes with rivers and mountains, ships and much more. Temples emerge from simple forms of antiquity, knight castles from the Middle Ages, modern high-rises from our present and futuristic unprecedented architecture.

The poetry leads us into the world of fairy tales and myths, makes the children dream. Everything is possible and may be thought. Wizards, witches and fairies populate this world, as do knights, Dragons and princesses. Heard and invented things provide the material for countless game ideas. Years of experience have shown us that this is where the children come to rest and enter decelerated zone. Boys and girls work in construction, decorating and decorating with the same enthusiasm, often hand in hand. The concentration while playing leads to inner calm and Balance. Each child works according to their own possibilities at their own pace and continues to develop his skills.

We are convinced that sustainability and quality are the simple beauty of our material justified. The elements of the individual boxes can all be combined with one another, as can with existing Froebel gifts. With each new component, the possibilities, existing ones, grow will be rediscovered. This is how we succeeded in giving the children a material that it accompanies them for years and always inspires them anew.

Benno Pecher


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