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Rover Education Montessori range provides resources to support classroom practices and ideas which have had a profound influence on the education of young children.

The Montessori materials help bring structure and order to the child’s mind. The young child is trying to “make sense” of the world around them. They are exposed on a daily basis to new stimuli that we as adults often take for granted such as new sights, sounds, smells colours, and textures. Montessori believe that we must engage the child’s senses through concrete experiences with materials that will help them discriminate different qualities and concepts.

All activities, while teaching specific skills, are an indirect preparation for more complex skills and concepts to come. Children of all ages love to sort objects. They may sort according to size, shape, texture, colour or some other quality - this is the beginning of classification. The child building a tower is not only developing visual discrimination but is also learning new language that will lead to mathematical comparisons and concepts.
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