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Ecobebé One Size All in 2 Nappy System Alligators



A Two Part System with separate snap fastening wrap and a long, folding microfibre insert with two sides, one topped with fleece and one with cotton velour. Ecobebé fit babies from 7 lbs 7 oz (3.5 kg) to 33 lbs (15 kg). The wrap is size adjustable using the rise snaps on the front.

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Data sheet

Nappy Type Wrap and Nappy (Two-Part)
Nappy Size The smaller end of the Birth to Potty range
Nappy Fastening Snaps
Ease of Use Advanced
Speed of Drying Fast
Absorbency Average
Containment Average
Nappy Appearance Slim
Gusset Double

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Ecopipo® created Ecobebé® nappies having in mind the simplest of the designs that could make a nappy easy to use, reliable and affordable, with the aim to encourage more parent to give cloth nappies a go.

The Ecobebé® insert allows you to have the option of the fabric you put in contact with the delicate skin of your baby as one of the sides is cover with microfleece to give your little one a sensation of dryness, or for a more natural feel in contact with your baby’s skin, there is a super soft cotton velour. The cotton velour side is an excellent option for the minority of babies who are sensitive to microfleece. For breastfeeding babies, the microfleece side washes very well.

Having additional inserts means that you can reuse the wrap over a few changes and simply replace the insert making this a really cost effective option.

Washing Guidance

Wash all your nappies, Ecopipo or Ecobebé, before you use them for the first time to ensure all manufacturing/handling residues are removed, and to improve absorbency.

• Please note that  it will take up to 5 washes or more for the bamboo inserts in your Ecopipo nappy to become highly absorbent! This apply for pocket nappies and night nappies 
• Fold back (fasten) the aplix tabs onto the laundry protection tab, to stop the nappies from sticking to each other, as this will damage the aplix.
• Wash your nappy covers at 40˚C, unless the nappy is heavily soiled or in times of illness. This will prolong the life of your nappies.
• Washing at 60˚C constantly will significantly reduce the life of your nappies.
• Take inserts out of pockets before you wash them.

• Using bleach, vinegar, Napisan, any stain remover or oxy-action as they will damage the PUL layer and the elastic of the covers.

• Using fabric conditioner will reduce the absorbency of your nappies.
• Ironing any part of your nappy will damage the fabric.
• Washing the covers without fastening their aplix will damage them!
• Tumble drying nappy covers will damage the fabric and the velcro (aplix) permanently.
• Drying covers and inserts on top of a hot radiator will damage the fabric and the velcro (aplix) permanently.
• Washing covers at 60˚C as routine will reduce their lifespan greatly.
• Washing covers at higher than 60˚C will damage the fabric and the velcro (aplix) permanently.

For more about Two Part nappies click here

Hook & Loop or Snaps?

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    Love these nappies. They come with a nice long insert which can be folded over twice. The outer nappy can be re-used once if un-soiled which saves on washing. Extra bit of material on the sides help keep the insert in place and prevent leaks. I just wish they come in more designs.


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