Erzi Ghost Stacking Board

ER 42265


1 game board
5 rotating ghosts (attachable with a turn- and snap-lock fastener)
25 stacking ghosts
wall mount fixture
fastening material
playing and mounting instructions

birch plywood, laquered; beech, coloured laquered

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Data sheet

Age Suitability 3 years +

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This role-play is suitable for all ages. The ghosts appear in different, luminous colours with funny faces. When the ghosts are stacked, the game becomes suspenseful: Which ghost will make the stack fall?!

Vertical format
If the Erzi Ghost Board is mounted vertically, the 30 ghosts in total can be stacked the highest. For concentration and strategy, children can achieve great success with this variant. If the stack falls, however, a stacking ghost remains standing only rarely. Due to different stacking heights, small and older children can play with the ghost board at the same time. The slim form makes it possible to integrate the ghost board into small playing areas as well. 

Crosswise format
In the crosswise format, the ghost board is particularly suited for small children. Up to 5 children next to each other can play with the ghosts or build small ghost stacks. Here, the storage slots can also be used as grab handles. Arranging the ghosts in the storage slots is a good way to make cleaning up fun. 

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