Erzi SensoPath Balance

ER 44437


Setting foot on one of these SensoPath units involves the body in a constant process of alternation between body tension and balance. Similar to a therapeutic wobble board, these seesaw-type foot mounts exercise a positive effect on posture and coordination. The rubber ball under one of the foot mounts prevents slippage, even on smooth floors!

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Age Suitability 3 years +

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Turning the ball upwards enables the SensoPath unit to be used for stretching and invigorating the transversal arch. Use is recommended with shoes, socks or barefoot.

Step-by-step the SensoPath product line guides the user through the world of sensory and motor functions. A balancing and wobbling act is the result, combined with a feeling of poise, a comparison of one’s own physical abilities and a great deal more. One foot is deliberately placed in front of the other, stimulating a depth-sensory effect to weak feet. Resorting to a variety of different materials, surfaces and motor challenges serves to train bodily perceptions. An adult-sized foot (size 43/9) is taken as a basis, this making the SensoPath product suitable for all age groups. All materials used are sweat- and saliva-proof, and are tested for toxics or harmful substances. SensoPath units are ideal foot trainers for games, sports and therapeutic applications. Size foot with rubber ball: 28 x 14 x 3,45 cm

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