Little Lamb Bamboo Nappy Size 2 (20-38Lbs)



It's the latest version and is made from 100% pure bamboo yarn that is Oeko-tex certified.

Size 1 = 7lbs - 20lbs, 3kgs - 9kgs.

Size 2 = 20lbs - 38lbs, 9kgs - 17kgs

Size 3 = 35lbs, 16kgs upwards.

As with all baby clothing the sizes are approximate. To be used with a nappy wrap.

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Quite often baby will drop back down a size when they start to get mobile. It's not unheard of to have a baby in the size 2's for three months and then drop back down to wearing the size 1's for a while.

Littlelamb was started by Esme and Nick way back in 1997 as most of these ideas do - over the kitchen table with a bottle of wine. Or two.

After being involved with every aspect of the fashion trade and having seen the same fashions come around not twice but three times (well - Nick did start at 14 back in 1976) they were getting a bit disillusioned with it all.  There are only so many lost weekends you can have - especially when the little ones started to appear.

At the time they owned a chain of 14 fashion shops spread around the south of England and Wales. Everytime Nick flew off to a factory somewhere Esme would put the nappy prototype in his bag and ask him to get a quote. 

Cutting a long story short - Littlelamb was launched five years later with a cotton nappy system in 2002. 

The mission was to manufacture a top quality product that would last but at a reasonable price. For some reason modern washable nappies back in 2002 were an aspirational product with a price tag to match.

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    This nappy has been my saviour on a night. I boost with the close pop in night boosters! My LO is a HEAVY wetter and this has been perfect for the transition to night nappies. No leaks so far and they're so soft! I love it.

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