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Finally, a lunch system that stores hot and cold food so you can pack yummy, healthy meals!

Double walled stainless steel bowl with vacuum

Insulation technology

Heavy duty double walled insulation

Ergonomic design

Compact, easy to use BPA Free

Please read below for a handy guide to using your OmieBox!

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  • Outside Container: 17.27 x 18.28 x 7.36cm
  • Long Compartment: 17.27 x 5.33cm (443ml vol)
  • Short Compartment: 5.33 X 11.43cm (295ml vol)
  • Square Compartment: 11.43 X 11.43cm (739ml vol)
  • Insulated Container: (7.5 oz vol) Please see FAQ below for use

- Clean OmieBox before first use and after every use.
- Remove the Lid Seal daily and clean with warm, soapy water. Lay flat to dry completely.
- Replacement lid seals can be purchased separately. 
- For retaining maximum vacuum insulation results, we recommend hand washing the vacuum insulated container.
- DO NOT use abrasive cleansers, scrubbers, bleach or cleaners containing chlorine on any part of the product.
- OmieBox is top rack dishwasher safe but we recommend handwashing or removing before the heat dry cycle.
- OmieBox has a hinged lid which is not removable.

- The divider can be used in both the long and short compartments. When placing the divider inside OmieBox, make sure the straight edge of the divider is aligned with the straight edge of the compartment. The divider should only be used to partition foods.
- The side compartments have been designed to hold up to a teaspoon of water. Please use the thermos for wet foods. 
- Sub-compartments created by the divider are not leak-proof.
- Do not overfill OmieBox. Leave enough room to close lid.
- After closing lid, push down on the latch so that it locks securely into place.

- DO NOT use OmieBox or any of its components in microwave, on stove top, in any type of oven or heat source.
- DO NOT place OmieBox or any of its components in the freezer.
- OmieBox and its components are intended for children over 3 years of age. Use only with adult supervision.
- Use extreme caution when OmieBox or its components contain hot foods or liquids. Hot foods and liquids can scald user.
- Always test food temperature first before feeding child.
- Do not keep perishable foods in OmieBox or its components for prolonged periods. Follow safe food storage guidelines.
- OmieBox can hold wet foods but not liquids. Do not pack soups, drinks or watery sauces in the side compartments. Please remove any excess liquid from canned fruit, apple sauce and yogurts. Liquids should be packed in the vacuum insulated container ONLY.


How does OmieBox keep food hot and cold?

OmieBox has 2 types of insulation. First – there’s a stainless steel vacuum insulated thermos. We suggest putting your hot foods in here since this insulation is most powerful, and will keep food warm for up to 4 hours. It is advised that you first warm up the thermos by adding hot water, then carefully tip this out, dry and add your food. This will help slow down the cooling process further.

Second – the entire box is air insulated & has a powerful air-tight seal. This will keep your fruits and veggies cool & fresh.

If you would like the food in the side compartments to stay really cold, then we suggest dropping a small ice pack or frozen tube of yogurt in there. 

How long does food stay warm in OmieBox?

OmieBox keeps food warm for about 3-4 hours, depending on:

(1) The temperature of the food when it first enters the thermos.

(2) the outside ambient temperature

(3) The types of food you pack.

In our own testing, boiling soup (93c) will reach roughly 43-48c after 4 hours, which most kids consider warm but not hot (as a point of reference- Starbucks kids hot chocolate is served at 48c). 

The reason for this is because the OmieBox thermos has a wider mouth opening than most thermoses. The wider opening allows kids to comfortably eat directly out of the thermos (since it`s bowl shaped). The wider mouth opening also means there’s more space for the heat to escape, so it doesn’t keep food quite as hot as a thermos with a very narrow opening. We always recommend using the OmieBox thermos inside OmieBox, since the box will add additional insulation.

Lastly, foods with low specific heat (i.e. bread, pasta, tortillas) won’t stay as warm as water (it’s possible to be scalded by hot water, not possible to be scalded by a hot piece of bread!). With these foods we recommend eating within 2-3 hours.

To keep your food as warm as possible we recommend removing your thermos from your OmieBox first. After you fill your thermos with warm food, hold your thermos container in one hand and your securing insert in the other and fasten them together as tight as you can. Once those two pieces are screwed on tight, you can fasten the round lid. Then go ahead and place your thermos back in your OmieBox. This helps retain heat because it ensures that all three parts of the thermos are properly put together. If you screw on the lid while your thermos is still inside your OmieBox without confirming that your securing insert is tightly fastened as well, then you’ll risk losing some heat over time.

The sides of my OmieBox has a gap when closed, is it faulty?

No! The sides of OmieBox have a little gap, but it's actually not a defect, it's part of the design.

Right side gap - The square silicone seal that's fastened to your OmieBox top lid doesn't extend all the way into the OmieBox, which creates a noticeable gap when you remove the thermos container. We designed the lid seal this way in order to make room for the securing insert that fastens to the top of your thermos container. The securing insert is the square, plastic piece with a round hole in the middle that fastens to your thermos and prevents leaks. Of course, when you decide to use OmieBox without the thermos container the gap on the square compartment side becomes a little more noticeable.

No worries though! The thermos container itself is leak-proof and the side compartments can hold up to a teaspoon of water. With that in mind, we recommend reserving wet foods for the thermos container and reserving the side compartments for drier foods like crackers, veggies, and fruit.

Left side gap - This is completely normal and it won`t cause any leaking issues! The sides always flare up a little bit because of the pressure of the clamped latch. But the seal is robust enough that there won`t be any leakages. You can decrease the left side gap by pressing down on the left side on OmieBox before latching shut.

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