Chick Peepul


This little chick is the perfect toy for an Easter gift and a lovely addition to spring themed story sacks too. Made using British sycamore.

Height: 6.7cm
Width at base: 3.3cm

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Age Suitability 12 months +
Pieces 1

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Peepul peg dolls are made from sustainably sourced British sycamore, hand-painted with natural clay-based paints and sealed for a robust finish.  They have been independently tested and comply with European toy safety standard EN71.   Our packaging is 100% recyclable. ​​

What are Peepul and where did the name come from?
Peepul are little wooden peg dolls, hand-painted in Oxfordshire, UK. Primarily designed as toys for children, the very first Peepul were made for our own toddler, George. Making them for other people made sense once our own house started getting overrun with tiny wooden folk. They are named Peepul after the lovely way George points at them and shouts 'peepul!'

Many of our peg doll sets are inspired by Waldorf-style educational concepts and the natural rhythms of our day-to-day lives - the moon, the weather and the seasons.  Others are inspired by a passion for small world play and a hankering after simple, traditional and sustainable toys that last a lifetime. 

We are a small family business and we aim to create high quality toys in the most sustainable way we can.  

How are Peepul made?
Peepul are made of sustainably sourced sycamore which is grown in Britain. We use a timber supplier in Wiltshire and a woodturner in Oxfordshire, making our supply chain local, eco-friendly and sustainable.  The peg dolls are made exclusively for us to our own specifications, so you won't find them anywhere else. We paint them using eco-friendly clay-based paints, which are oil-free, acrylic-free and virtually VOC-free, and then seal them with natural plant oils and waxes for a robust and wipe-clean finish. All of our packaging is recycled and/or recyclable.  We strive to have as little impact on the environment as possible and to produce toys that are as natural and safe as possible.   

Are Peepul safe for children?
Peepul peg dolls have been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure they meet stringent safety requirements. All of our materials and our finished products comply with European toy safety standards (EN71) and carry the CE mark. Some sets with smaller figures included are not suitable for children under three due to the small size.  Where this is the case, it is clearly marked in the product description.  All standard size Peepul are recommended as suitable for children from 12 months, not for safety reasons but because mouthing or teething on them will ruin the paintwork. 

Can Peepul be used as cake toppers?
Peepul make lovely cake toppers for birthdays, weddings and other occasions.  We recommend always placing something between the surface of the cake and the Peepul, just to protect the finish from any grease or other potential stains that may be caused by coming into direct contact with the surface of the cake.  

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    I got this little chick for my spring display and it fits in so well. The quality is amazing, and the attention to detail is spot on. The figures are so lovely and beautiful to hold and look at.

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    Definately recommended

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    The detail that goes into these is amazing and to know they are hand painted astounds me. The skill is brilliant. I have yet to be disappointed by this brand. My daughter is obsessed with chickens so makes for the perfect addition to her Easter present

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    I gave my lo the choice of which spring peepul to get, and she chose the chick. This little chick is adorable and the detail is amazing. The finish is slightly textured which is lovely, and my lo has been carrying it around and giving it hugs. Highly recommend, and will probably end up getting the others too eek.


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