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Petit Lulu Astronauts - Mini Wetbag



A waterproof bag measuring 18×14,5 cm . For use to store used nappies, cloth nursing or menstrual pads or other essentials. This bag is zipper fastened.

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Washing Guidance

Wash before first use to remove any residues from production process.

Dry Pail. Do not store dirty nappies for too many days. They should be washed within 2-3 days maximum. Do not overload your washing machine or the nappies won’t get washed and rinsed sufficiently.

Wash at 60°C. Lower temperatures won’t fully destroy the ammonia. Do not use bleach or softener, read carefully the ingredients of your washing detergent.  Use standard baby washing detergent, we do not recommend using eco-friendly detergents – they often cannot sufficiently wash the ammonia out. Adjust the washing detergent dosage according to your water hardness.

Line-drying is the ideal way as the sun sanitises and bleach out any remaining stains. Place the inner side of the nappy facing the sun. 

Air Dry.

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