Petit Lulu Circles - Maxi Night Nappy (Velcro)



This nappy is used as part of a Two Part system with a wrap over the top. It is designed to fit babies and toddlers 7-16kg, adjusts using the rise snaps on the front of the nappy and has velcro fastening. A cotton and bamboo rayon absorbent nappy, a snap in longer booster and loose short booster which are also made from a combination of cotton and bamboo rayon. Each nappy comes with a fleece liner

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Data sheet

Nappy Type Nappy (Two-Part)
Nappy Size To fit 7-16kg
Nappy Fastening Hook and Loop
Ease of Use Average
Speed of Drying Slow
Absorbency High
Containment High
Nappy Appearance Flufftastic
Gusset Single

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Bigger and more absorbent than the One Size nappy this is perfect for night times and the heaviest of wetters. The long and short boosters can be folded and positioned to suit your baby and the fleece liner keeps the skin feeling dry. Cover with a waterproof wrap and you have a super absorbent nappy system.

Please note the sizing guidelines, although labelled as birth to potty this nappy is suitable from 7kg/15.4lbs.

Washing Guidance

Wash before first use to remove any residues from production process.

It may take 6 – 10 washes to reach the bamboo’s maximum absorbency. So don’t be surprised at the beginning – it will improve along the way.

Use liners (placed in between the nappy and baby’s bottom) for easy disposal of solids and protection of the nappy.

Dry Pail as soaking destroys the bamboo fibres. Do not store dirty nappies for too many days. They should be washed within 2-3 days maximum. Do not overload your washing machine or the nappies won’t get washed and rinsed sufficiently.

Wash at 60°C. Lower temperatures won’t fully destroy the ammonia. Do not use bleach or softener, read carefully the ingredients of your washing detergent.  Use standard baby washing detergent, we do not recommend using eco-friendly detergents – they often cannot sufficiently wash the ammonia out. Adjust the washing detergent dosage according to your water hardness (overdose causes clogging of the hook and loop).

The Covers should not be spin-dried at more than 1 000 RPM.

Line-drying is the ideal way as the sun sanitises and bleach out any remaining stains. Place the inner side of the nappy facing the sun. Tumble drying, if necessary, is ONLY possible at LOW , but is not recommended as it will definitely shorten the nappy lifespan – perishing of the elastics, tears in the outer printed material. However, you must not tumble dry the CoversMinimal Nappies and Changing Mats ! Drying on heater is ONLY possible for InsertsBoosters and Prefolds. The heat would damage the waterproof PUL layer of CoversMinimal Nappies and Changing Mats. In case of Birth to Potty Newborn NappiesSIO basics, the elastics would get loose. Remember, that if you dry on heater too often, the nappies will get hard and rough.

For more about night nappies click here

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