Baba + Boo One Size Reusable Nappy - Seagulls

Baba + Boo One Size Reusable Nappy - Seagulls

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A pocket nappy with snap fastening, microfleece lining and extra gusset. This is a birth to potty/one size nappy fitting from around 10-35lb and size adjustable using the rise snaps on the front of the nappy. Each pocket comes with 2 x bamboo/microfibre blend inserts.

This hugely popular pocket nappy is easy to use, soft and absorbent it also offers increased containment with it's double gusset at the leg. Mix and match inserts, with hemp and charcoal bamboo also available, to achieve your perfect absorbency! With a huge range of stunning designs it will fast become a favourite. 

Washing Guidance

  • Pre-washing before use helps increase the absorbency of your nappies. Follow the washing instructions below and repeat up to three times. You don't need to dry your nappies between pre-washes.

  • After use, knock any solids into the toilet (or remove the biodegradable liner if you have used one). Put the used nappy in the nappy bucket until wash day.

  • It can help to put the nappies on a cold rinse before washing as this ensures all the solids have been washed away before the washing cycle.

  • Your nappies can be washed at 60°C, although many parents find that 40°C is sufficient.

  • Use your usual detergent. Our nappies are designed to fit in with you, not the other way around!

  • Don't use any fabric conditioner or bleaching agent.

  • Your nappies are best dried naturally, although you can put them on a low setting in the tumble dryer. Natural is best for your nappies and the planet too.

  • Do be careful if they have been near heat such as the tumble dryer or radiator and don't stuff the inserts back in straight away. The heat can weaken the elastic and cause it to snap.

  • If you do need to use barrier/nappy rash cream, ensure you use a liner.

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