Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Explorers
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Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Explorers


By (author) Adam Murphy , By (author) Lisa Murphy
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Adam and Lisa Murphy's award-winning series of graphic novels continues, interviewing the most ground-breaking explorers from history!

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Age Suitability: 6 years +

Dimensions: 23 x 15.2 x 1 cm

Book Type: Paperback / softback

Pages: 128

Publishing Date: 20220106

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Meet the most exceptional explorers of all time! Which Viking voyager outclassed Columbus by 500 years? Who cut Ferdinand Magellan's round-the-world trip in half? What got Amelia Earhart's passion for piloting off to a flying start? Uncover all this and more in Corpse Talk, the hilarious and mind-expanding chat show that brings the dead famous to life!

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