World Politics In 100 Words : Start Conversations And Spark Inspiration - Eleanor Levenson & Paul Boston
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World Politics in 100 Words: Start conversations and spark inspiration


By (author) Eleanor Levenson , Illustrated by Paul Boston
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Beautifully illustrated and with easily digestible information, this book is a compilation of 100 words summing up politics in a nut shell, with the intention of starting conversations and sparking exploration. 

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Dimensions: 29 x 23.5 x 0 cm

Book Type: Hardback

Pages: 112

Publishing Date: 20200922

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How do you sum up world politics in just 100 words? This striking book takes on the challenge! From activist to wealth, each of the carefully chosen 100 words has its own 100-word long description and beautiful illustration, providing a thoughtful, unbiased introduction to key political terms and ideas to help the young (and not so young) get to grips with the subject. Basically, everything you need to know in a nut shell.

Along with some expected words, such as government and vote, you'll also discover less predictable words that will give you a fresh perspective. With utopia and dystopia, try to imagine a perfect world and then its opposite. Through equality, explore what it means for everyone to have the same rights and responsibilities. With words such as nation, empire, rights, corruption, pundit, debt, citizen, tax, nationalism and military, gain perspective on the many facets of world politics.

Finally, you'll be asked, 'If you were to choose the 100 words, which would you pick?'

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